Slash Resolution Times with Ticket Intelligence

Your Service Agents Are Swamped

Service desks play a vital role in the success of any organization: solving customer issues by providing comprehensive solutions, and additional information, and keeping your customers satisfied. However, service desks are overwhelmed by having to manually enter the monotonous ticket information from the mounting volume of customer requests. This ends up leaving service agents burned out from sifting through cluttered knowledge articles and oftentimes resolving each ticket from scratch. If the increasing numbers of incoming requests are not handled quickly enough, there will inevitably be longer and longer wait times for your increasingly less satisfied customers. Ticket intelligence is the solution to your problems.

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Some companies choose to implement a chatbot as a quick way to provide 24/7 support, but that does not necessarily mean that the chatbot is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve your customer’s unique problems. Adding more service agents might provide a temporary reduction in ticket resolution times, however, it isn’t a scalable customer support option. To enable your service agents to resolve tickets faster and more accurately than ever before, the solution needs to be able to learn and grow with your organization, not just serve as an intermediary FAQ section. Enter Ticket AI from Aisera, with Ticket Intelligence and Agent-Assist, to change the game on both sides of the service desk equation.

The Advantage of an AI-Powered Service Desk

Ticket Intelligence is the use of AI to automate the laborious, repetitive, and time-consuming processes of creating, classifying, and routing tickets to the right agents. Even today this is still a manual process, done by the service agents, who have to triage an ever-growing number of tickets. From the time a customer reaches out, Ticket AI automatically creates, classifies, routes, and resolves incoming tickets with up to 90% accuracy across multiple channels, like chat, voice, or even SMS – all without the need for agent intervention. This is another example of Aisera’s best-in-class unsupervised AI in action.

When a ticket is unable to be auto-resolved, Ticket AI uses Ticket Intelligence to pass along the auto-filled ticket and the customer to the right agent based on the user request, sentiment understanding, customer, and user profile. Once the tickets have been assigned to the right agent, Ticket AI’s Agent-Assist is there to help the agent find the most relevant solutions in no time at all. Each and every suggested action comes with a predicted confidence interval for how well the proposed solution fits the customer’s needs based on what Ticket AI has learned from the resolution of similar tickets in the past. Agent-Assist offers the agent an optimal set of next-best actions to resolve the current ticket. Solutions with lower confidence levels allow the agent to step in and manually address the issue when necessary. Agent-Assist is configurable and can be easily customized to your organization’s specific needs. Even setting the confidence threshold can be tailored to better suit your unique situation. If agents need to be involved early on, adjust the threshold to a lower level so Ticket AI can hand off the user to a live agent sooner. 

The paradigm of work is changing, fueled by rapid digital transformation, and companies need to deploy scalable solutions that can readily adapt to new challenges. The shift is more conceptual, going from “Man vs. Machine” to “Man with Machine.” Ticket AI augments the service agents’ capabilities, not replace them. It turns agents into super-agents, plain and simple. From start to finish Ticket AI acts as a trusty sidekick for service desk agents, supporting them, offering useful suggestions, and driving quick and thorough resolutions. The auto-resolution rates increase as the Ticket Intelligence capability encounters more unique tickets and user-agent interactions, shadowing agents when the ticket cannot be auto-resolved, yet. As the AI observes those interactions it will autonomously incorporate new resolution techniques with the existing knowledge from previous tickets and then apply the combined knowledge to resolving future tickets. Ticket AI learns from history, so you don’t have to repeat it.

Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs with IT Service Desk Automation

After all, there are only so many hours in a day. With Ticket Intelligence and Agent- Assist, service agents experience a 90% reduction in Mean-Time-to-Resolve (MTTR) and an 80% improvement in productivity through the use of AI within IT. Since Ticket Intelligence learns from every interaction, it can recommend similar tickets, related knowledge articles, and next-best actions, reducing bounce rates and pesky misclassifications. The more requests it receives, the more it can help agents by auto-resolving frequent customer issues, and finding other relevant ticket solutions to support your agents. Empowering agents with ticket intelligence has boosted efficiency and productivity. The efficiency gains don’t end there, as businesses that implement Ticket AI see a 90% decrease in service desk operating costs. Ticket AI understands your team’s performance and will identify areas for improvement based on your team’s success metrics and will coach team members on best practices to speed up resolutions when an agent is involved.

In turn, your customers experience drastically lower wait times and a nicely packaged solution to their problems. Gone are the days of begrudgingly sitting through an outdated decision tree only to be left with a generic solution or the option to speak to an agent. Customers now benefit from an automated, personalized customer experience, available whenever and wherever trouble arises. The happy customers speak for themselves as service desks using Ticket AI see a 70% increase in customer satisfaction. However, Ticket AI isn’t just for customers; it can be used by internal users as well as external ones. Wherever your users are and whatever platform they use to get their work done, Ticket AI is there to help.

The Ticket Intelligence and Agent-Assist functions of Aisera’s Ticket AI are easily integrated with your ticketing system of choice, right out of the box. Whether you run ServiceNow or Salesforce Service Cloud, Freshservice, or Zendesk (and now Microsoft Teams!), Ticket AI is ready to do the heavy lifting and keep your service agents fresh and focused on doing what they do best: providing an exceptional user experience to the people who matter most. When creating, classifying, and closing ticket counts, service agents count on Ticket AI from Aisera.