Jamie Fowler Grant Thornton AI IT Support
Jamie Fowler Grant Thornton AI IT Support

Aisera offers true enterprise Conversational AI & RPA solutions which can be extended across departments and the experience on Microsoft Teams is exceptional.

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Grant Thornton is Aisera's customer
Grant Thornton Self-service IT Support

Self Service for IT Support Requests on MS Teams

To help them embrace the new normal of remote working environments, Grant Thornton needed a robust IT self-service solution to support their employees from anywhere.

Supervised Guided Flows

Guided Flows

Aisera’s Supervised Guided Flows give Grant Thornton support agents the ability to customize workflows to build out new functionality as need be.

Continuous AI Learning

AI Learning for Continuous Learning

Continuous AI learning empowers Aisera to quickly and autonomously learn from the resolution of past requests, allowing it to tailor its responses perfectly to their organization.

Provide Instant IT Support and Services

Grant Thornton rapidly needed to provide universal access to services under remote work conditions and began by adding more outsourced agents to address the inflated ticket volumes, but soon realized that this was not a sustainable option. Grant Thornton sought to give users effective self-service and automate the routine tasks that burdened the IT support team. As tickets continued to mount, Grant Thornton turned to Aisera to hit the ground running and deliver instant IT support at scale, leveraging their existing environment.

The benefits of Aisera were readily apparent with an issue auto-resolution rate of 75 percent and a 90 percent improvement in resolution time. The speed and accuracy of the resolutions led to an overall improvement in employee satisfaction of 85 percent. With the amount of turmoil going on in the world, employees should not have to worry about getting their work done and waiting for hours or even days to resolve their support requests. The decrease in mean-time-to-resolve meant less time was lost for employees to focus on their day-to-day work and agents were no longer burdened by cumbersome, manual tasks.

Grant Thornton Case Study for AI Service Desk