AI & Automation for
Media & Entertainment

Learn how AI & Automation can immediately provide ROI
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Virtual assistants are transforming Media & Entertainment

Here are the different use cases of supporting the Media & Entertainment industry with AI & Automation.
24/7 Omnichannel SupportWhether it’s questions about your subscription or help with an order, Aisera’s AI & automation can provide your customers with the solutions they’re looking for on any channel they choose. Aisera automates common workflows and questions to ensure that your customers can get assistance immediately.
Intelligent Customer InsightsAs markets evolve, so do your customers. Aisera provides deep customer insights that help you keep up with evolving customer expectations & needs. With comprehensive pre-built dashboards & sentiment analysis, you can find out what your customers love, what they don’t, & everything in between.
Personalized Experiences for Revenue GenerationWith Aisera’s intelligent virtual assistant, you can be sure that your customers don’t miss out on the news, events, and products that matter most to them. Aisera learns from tickets, emails, and other touchpoints to provide customized content recommendations and campaigns to drive revenue and engagement.
Simplifying Customer FeedbackAisera’s virtual assistants make it easy to collect and analyze customer feedback. Within the bot, you can deploy customer satisfaction surveys across various channels that help you gain the actionable insights you need to make your marketing even better.