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Conversational AI to Build, train, and deploy
AI Assistants for the Enterprise

Conversational AI

Conversational AI, powered by natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), and both unsupervised and supervised learning, enables computers, particularly AI Assistant software to deliver personalized, human-like interactions.

Aisera’s Conversational AI platform helps enterprises build, train, and deploy AI solutions that can understand and process human language across multiple domains and languages, facilitating instant resolution of both customer and employee service requests through effective self-service options.

Best Conversational AI Features

Aisera’s Enterprise Conversational AI Platform harnesses the power of advanced NLP and Large Language Models (LLMs), incorporating both supervised and unsupervised learning to foster real-time, human-like interactions. This robust combination, trained on vast amounts of textual and speech data, empowers the system to understand and process language dynamically, continuously enhancing its conversational quality.

By leveraging these AI technologies such as AI Customer Service, or AI Service Desk, Aisera not only aims to revolutionize customer and employee experiences but also increases productivity and operational efficiency through automation. This leads to reduced costs, fewer human errors, and elevated customer engagement and satisfaction by providing personalized, 24/7 support across various platforms.

Guided Flows & Bot Orchestration

Give employees, call centers, support teams, and potential customers a prescriptive and proactive conversational experience with pre-built supervised guided flows and bot orchestration of top service requests with artificial intelligence while ensuring operational efficiency, enhancing contact center automation and productivity while providing high auto-resolution rates and elevating both employee and customer satisfaction.

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Unsupervised & Supervised Conversational AI

Bootstrap your multilingual AI virtual assistants with unsupervised & supervised conversational AI that continuously makes sense of structured and unstructured data and automatically understands intents and phrases from analyzing 150 million tickets and over 1.1 billion conversations to delivering self-service resolutions across mobile devices and the omnichannel (AI Voice Bot, Enterprise Chatbots, and text messaging) and in over 100 languages.

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Dialog Management & Context Awareness

Manage user dialogs with Conversational AI that understands the fluidity of conversations, including when users change subjects and dynamically switch contexts midway through conservations without losing track of original requests.

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Notifications, User Engagement, & Live Agent Handover

Proactively notify and drive customer engagement by alerting users of tasks that they need to take action on such as routine tasks such as unlocking an account resetting a password or assisting with advanced chatbot and live contact center virtual assistants, for seamless escalation handling.

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Interactive Analytics & User Profile-Based Recommendations

Personalize customer experience and service resolutions with the help of a Conversational AI solution. It uses Artificial Intelligence recommendation models, custom dashboards, and in-depth reports that are built on understanding the user’s profile and behavior throughout their online customer support journey.

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AI Learning

Aisera’s AI-powered bot, functioning as a virtual agent, uses automated machine learning, and reinforcement learning using knowledge, past tickets & cases, and live agent conversations as well as life cycle management of intents, utterances, and phrases for better service and continuous improvement of prediction accuracy and response quality for new requests.

Multilingual Conversational AI

Multilingual conversational AI platform with built-in language detection quickly responds to over 100 languages available out-of-box. Aisera’s Conversational AI platform with built-in language detection responds to both employee and customer requests in their preferred language and channel of choice.

Conversational AI FAQs

What is the Best Conversational AI for Enterprise?

The IDC report and Forrester Wave™ Report have named Aisera as a leader in Conversational AI Vendors. Aisera's enterprise chatbot is built on a foundation of AI technology to optimize contact center efficiency, improve customer experiences, and empower human agents to be more productive, enabling you to deliver delightful experiences to more customers.

Does Conversational AI Platform use NLP and NLU?

Aisera offers the most feature-comprehensive and technology-advanced Conversational AI solution for self-service automation in the market perfectly blending together various machine learning algorithms, supervised Learning and unsupervised Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

What is an example of Enterprise Conversational AI?

Aisera's Conversational AI platform empowers support teams to improve customer experiences across various use cases including online customer service agents and virtual agents to track orders and update subscription details; HR processes to reduce costs and increase productivity; streamline training, password changes, and updating employee information; healthcare efficiency for billing, patient prescriptions, and claims processing, and more. You can discover more use cases on the Conversational AI examples blog.

How Much Does Conversational AI Platform Cost?

The cost of using an AI-powered chatbot depends on the solution, the size of your organization, business processes, and the use case. To better understand pricing and ROI value today!