Generative AI for Marketing

Deliver personalized engagements through effective campaigns & content

Gen AI for Marketing

Accelerate Marketing ROI with Generative AI

AiseraGPT and AI Copilot supercharge your marketing efforts to draw in new marketing prospects. Customize marketing interactions, campaigns, and content for leads to give prospects personalized experiences and relevant content in no time.

Enhance marketing operations by automating lead nurturing, lead qualification, survey & feedback collection, and more, allowing your team to concentrate on strategic initiatives. Aisera’s Gen AI-powered advanced analytics also provide actionable insights that enhance engagement and boost conversion rates.

Generative AI use Case for Marketing

Personalized Prospect Nurturing

Deliver unmatched personalization with lead-scoring based on interactions, tailored messages and product offers, and relevant call-to-actions to scale your marketing efforts.

Personalized customer experience

Hyper-Targeted and Optimized Marketing Campaigns

Precisely identify and understand customer preferences with Gen AI-powered customer insights, allowing you to craft highly targeted marketing campaigns. Increase engagement rates with tailored and relevant content and promotions.

Maximize Marketing ROI

Boost marketing ROI by converting website traffic into a high-quality pipeline. By providing enhanced personalization, Aisera autonomously qualifies and books meetings with site visitors, leading to high conversion rates and increased revenue.

Generate Memorable Copy

Harness the power of Gen AI bots and domain-specific LLMs to generate compelling and impactful marketing copy, saving time and amplifying your brand’s voice.