Aisera and Cisco Webex Teams Enable Work-From-Home Support for Employee Productivity

With working from anywhere being the new standard for enterprises worldwide, Aisera and Cisco have partnered to equip remote workforces with best-in-class service desk support, enabling them to tackle IT, Sales, and HR support issues without agent intervention.

Leveraging Conversational AI, RPA, and using unsupervised NLP/NLU, Aisera’s AI Service Desk, integrated with Cisco Webex Teams, provides true end-to-end automation of tasks, workflows, and support requests, allowing employees to work productively outside of the office as they would on-site.

Traditionally, service desks could not provide stellar support experiences to employees due to manual processes, lack of self-service, and the vigorous bombardment of support requests on service agents. With service agents bogged down by a never-ending influx of tickets, employees had to wait days before getting their issues resolved, hindering their performance and productivity. Providing white-glove service experiences to employees became even more challenging once the COVID-19 pandemic struck, leaving many internal support teams overwhelmed and unprepared.

Aisera and Cisco Webex’s integration became the perfect answer to these service desk woes. By freeing employees from long wait times and manual processes, Aisera embedded in Cisco Webex radically improves end-user productivity and service desk experiences.

Resolve Support Requests Instantly Without Agent Intervention

With Cisco Webex Teams being a preferred channel for employee collaboration, Aisera’s integration ensures communication between teams remains uninterrupted by providing reliable ITSM automation.

Instead of making employees wait days for issue resolutions, Aisera’s AI Service Desk auto-resolves their support requests in seconds, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity across the board. The seamless conversational experience is augmented by Cisco Webex Teams’ rich rendering engine where employees can initiate and have all their service and IT help desk requests fulfilled creating an ideal environment for the digital transformation of the employee service desk.

Re-Architecting The Way Workforces Operate

Aisera’s agility in resolving support requests is founded on a virtual assistant using Conversational AI, NLU, Cognitive Search, Unsupervised NLP, and Conversational RPA in a scalable, cloud-native AI technology platform.

Moreover, Aisera’s Conversational RPA automates user tasks and workflows, enabling employees to become more productive and attentive toward high priorities. By streamlining employee tasks and processes, Aisera on Cisco Webex serves as the ultimate service desk solution to help modern workforces operate efficiently.

Heightened Employee Satisfaction with Aisera’s Conversational AI

By unifying Aisera’s copilot for Cisco Webex, service desk experiences for employees have improved like never before. Customers have reported an increase in user productivity and satisfaction, along with a substantial decrease in tickets created. By automating internal processes and services, Aisera and Cisco Webex create digital workplace experiences that are proactive, easy to navigate and improve modern workforce productivity.