Revolutionize Your Business with Automated Customer Experience

Most of us can recall when being sent to Customer Service felt like banishment to a place we could call Frustration Island. This was the place where dissatisfied or confused customers aggregated. And despite what the company might say about its customer service efforts, the customer experience didn’t feel much like a top priority. Most of this is due to support being a manual process. But now, with Customer Service AI, consumers no longer have to deal with long wait times, disjoined experiences, or the frustration that comes with it.

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For the agent or representative on the other end of the call, frustration was part of the job. Tasks were often repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming—if you were lucky. If the customer issue was complex, you could find yourself “at sea” in trying to get answers from prior experience. Information was siloed and communication gaps prevented the timely sharing of needed information.

Reduce Customer Friction with Customer Service AI

And for good reasons. In the day of Siri and Alexa, customers expect superior service experience and fast resolutions to their problems and requests. Organizations were eager to reduce bloated costs in the customer support organization. With low customer satisfaction, high contact center costs, and a lack of self-service, the situation cried out for automation to rescue customers and agents from Frustration Island. 

Early efforts at automating customer service often ended up in a comedian’s stand-up routine. People might find themselves communicating with a mechanized entity—a primitive bot with limited language capabilities; that misinterpreted spoken words or intent. The bot might offer only opaque, scripted, and inaccurate responses. Frustrated customers would raise their voices—feeling a little foolish and even guilty for shouting at a bot.

Why Automating Customer Service Improves CX

Before the AI customer experience could change meaningfully for the better, companies had to realize and acknowledge that Customer Service was not a banishment, a necessary evil, or a chore, but an opportunity to build and strengthen the relationship with that customer. Automation offers a path to relieve the frustration and tedium that afflicted the customer service agent and meet customer needs promptly. Measures of customer satisfaction could become a positive barometer of progress rather than numbers to be dreaded.

Because customer service was once viewed as a cost center, it didn’t receive the attention it deserved as a vital investment. But Customer Service AI that leverages machine learning, natural-language understanding (NLU), and natural language processing (NLP) has now matured to help analyze customer sentiment and customer feedback at a scale, precision, and speed that humans can’t equal. They enable the gold standard of self-service, automation of complex tasks, and shortened response times.

Aisera’s Comprehensive, Automated Customer Service Solution

Digital transformation has been the catalyst for elevating the customer experience. Companies could not invest in AI to automate repetitive workflows and tasks in IT and Customer Service. They could improve the CX with automated customer service and conversational self-service while speeding up the remediation of requests and resolution of tickets.

Aisera’s cloud-native AI Customer Service fits enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud environments and uses behavioral intelligence to handle repetitive requests and tasks, as well as complex workflows. This scalable service automates Customer Service requests, cases, tasks, and actions across Support, Sales, Marketing, and Finance. It works with Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Zendesk, and ServiceNow to rescue customers from Frustration Island and deliver an exceptional end-to-end customer experience.

Conveniently available over the omnichannel with full support for voice, chat, and text,  Aisera uses Conversational AI, NLU Search, and unsupervised NLP to speed ticket and request resolution. By automating responses to customers, and enabling self-service, Aisera boosts CSAT and NPS scores and rescues customers from Frustration Island.

AI Customer Service Guarantees Immediate Results

In fact, customers using Aisera’s AI Customer Service automate 50-70 percent of customer service requests and support cases, leading to 80 percent MTTR and increased CSAT/NPS scores up to 50 percent. All while lowering costs up to 90 percent through automation and self-service. Machine learning, NLU and NLP can help analyze customer sentiment and customer feedback at an unprecedented scale.

Thanks to Conversational AI and Conversational Automation, answering customer questions is scalable, fast, and easy. This seamless automation allows service agents to focus on higher-value work while enabling self-service for repetitive requests like order status and cancellations, order refunds, and loyalty program status.

Aisera Ticket AI lets companies auto-classify, assign and route tickets to the right agents with 80-90% accuracy. It solves the problem of having agents manually classify and triage large volumes of incoming tickets which delays resolution times and spurs frustration. It solves the problem of siloed information by allowing agents to see how similar tickets were solved in the past or get guidance on recommended solutions.

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McAfee Delivers a New World of Self-Service

McAfee, a noted leader in computer security software, was burdened with handling support requests for a user base of over 10 million. The overwhelming volume of tickets per month was a big challenge for the support agents. McAfee’s agents were spending an unacceptable amount of time answering basic, redundant inquiries over and over again. The company urgently needed to increase the efficiency of its service agents with a self-service interface on the consumer portal for responding to the many customer queries.

Find out how Aisera’s Conversational AI revolutionized the McAfee Customer Experience and enabled over 74% self-service resolutions and improved agent productivity by 75% in their case study. Request a demo for Aisera’s AI customer service platform.