AI SQL Dialogue Engine

Dialogue Engine Trained on 1 Trillion Intent Phrases

Next-Gen Conversational Experiences

Aisera has deeply embraced GPT across all its architectural components to create fluid and engaging human-like interactions through its state-of-the-art dialogue management capabilities. Fine-tuned with over 1 trillion sentence pairs to deepen its understanding of enterprises in various domains, Aisera AI SQL dialogue engine can address user intent, sentiment, provide seamless transitions between contexts, languages, and domains to deliver the most effective resolution to each conversation.

Conversation Dialogue Engine

Automatic Language, Domain, and Sentiment Detection

Generate fitting responses in 100+ languages across all domains from both live and historical conversations, and also detect user sentiment

Stateful Content Awareness

Track all exchanges between the user within the same session, across multiple domains, and channels of engagement. By reviewing prior exchanges, Aisera’s dialogue engine can clearly understand what the user is seeking and frame new responses in context

Intelligent Context Switching

Follow the flow and intent of the conversation based on current and historical conversation data and enable seamless context switching.

Seamless Exception & Escalation Handling

Provide prompt and effective support by automatically recognizing when a higher level of support is needed and routing it appropriately and seamlessly transferring or escalating out-of-scope inquiries.

Built-In Small Talk Modules & Gibberish Classification

Create a more natural and interactive conversation experience with built-in modules while also being able to identify and dismiss inappropriate or relevant requests to the engine. Fact-checking customer data provides verified and accurate information back to the user.

Personalized Conversational Experiences with Security Controls

Leverage existing user profile data to streamline and personalize interactions, and use conversational data to dynamically keep user profiles up-to-date. Depending on user privileges, set control access and security checks to safeguard the delivery of certain types of content.