Next-Gen ITSM Platform

A modernized ITSM solution that optimizes delivery and management of IT services

Deliver Exceptional Service Experiences with Generative AI & Automation

Aisera’s next-generation ITSM software is the industry’s first proactive, personalized, and predictive ticketing solution, offering a single system of engagement and intelligence platform for employees. Aisera’s cloud-native and AI-native ticketing solution is purpose-built to automate service requests, tasks and actions for IT and Business Services. Aisera leverages existing project management, collaboration and communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams thereby dramatically improving the employee experience while reducing additional training and licensing costs for standalone live chat solutions.

  • Native integration for Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Complete lifecycle management support for Requests, including the ability to audit & track all conversation requests
  • Gamification capability between employees and agents directly in Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Unified view of User Profile and Service experience
    Ability to auto-triage, assign and classify conservation requests to support agents
ITSM platform
ITSM ticketing service experience

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Featured Capabilities For Next-Gen ITSM

From resource shortages to the new “distributed enterprise,” IT service management (ITSM) is ever-evolving. And while supporting users efficiently is more daunting than ever, this situation also presents a unique opportunity to explore smarter technologies like AI and automation.

Aisera’s ITSM software is a cloud-native AI-first next-generation ticketing solution catering to IT, HR, Workplace Services, Finance, and Operations teams within your company. With next-gen ITSM tools, employees gain a proactive, autonomous, and intelligent service solution that is centered on supporting employee work and the complete employee lifecycle.

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Incident, Problem, Request, and Change Management

Full support of incident management, problem management, change and release management, and request management to create enterprise-wide optimal and efficient workflows for users.

Incident prediction by next gen ITSM

Workflow Engine and Orchestration

With 1200+ built-in integrations to various applications and a no-code visual studio, Aisera allows customers to quickly build and deploy automation flows that save time for both employees and agents.

Workflow Engine and Orchestration by ITSM

Dynamic CMDB

Aisera uses change requests, incident tickets, events, logs and alerts data to automatically discover enterprise configuration items (both on-premise and cloud) and reconstruct an accurate service topology by exploiting their metadata to keep them current.

ITSM and Dynamic CMDB

Virtual Assistants and Conversational AI for Users

With intent matching, intent disambiguation, context switching, and awareness and exception handling, Aisera’s conversational AI platform allows you to provide human-like, Natural Language driven conversational interactions in multiple languages.

ITSM virtual assistant

Seamless Employee Interactions Within Slack and Teams

Streamline all real-time user interactions between employees and agents in Slack and Teams. Seamlessly connect to a live agent for further processing by integrating with ticketing systems.

ITSM for Seamless Employee Interactions Within Slack and Teams

AI Assist - Recommendations and Next-Best Actions

Aisera’s AI-powered Agent Assist capabilities auto-route, assign and classify tickets while providing next-best actions to agents, improving employee productivity by 60%.

AI Assist - recommendations and Next-Best Actions

Campaign Management and Surveys

With Aisera’s Campaign Management and Surveys feature, you can empower users quickly and easily by broadcasting important company updates or surveys to relevant groups.

ITSM campaign management

Service Catalog

Aisera offers an out-of-the-box service catalog for IT, HR, Legal, Workplace Services, and Operations. Aisera imports service catalogs from 3rd party systems like ServiceNow, Workato, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and more.

ITSM service catalogue

Why Aisera?

  • Aisera, the World’s First AI-Driven Service Desk, is enabling businesses and organizations to digitally transform yesterday’s segregated and highly expensive service desks to today’s AISM solution.
  • Aisera offers a collaborative, all-in-one, and cost-efficient enterprise-wise service desk. Aisera has repeatedly proven to deliver an unprecedented level of cost-efficiency and high productivity.
  • Aisera unleashes the true value of employee self-service and self-awareness while facilitating cross-business domain collaborations and engagement.