Military Branch Customer Story

Aisera's Virtual Assistant auto-resolves 64% of employee requests and provides an 80% improvement in resolution times.

Success Metrics

Since March 2020, we’ve scaled to meet the incredible increase in Help Desk and Service request automation for [our] employees. Aisera has enabled us to deliver exceptional user experience and ServiceNow Automation during this period of growth.

VP End-User Services and Experience | Military Branch

The military branch’s employees now enjoy 24/7 access to a self-service option that can automatically resolve 64% of their tickets, which saves time for both employees and support agents.

With Aisera’s AI Service Desk, the branch’s webchat has boosted employee satisfaction by 74% with a more streamlined and exceptional experience.

Custom workflows were designed to streamline frequent employee use-cases, with all customer functionality built out in a matter of 8 weeks.

Provide Instant Employee Support and Services

With a large existing employee base as well as consistent growth each year, this military branch is one of the largest service branches with over 670,000 personnel. High growth rates created a rising ticket volume for employee service, which put a strain on the branch’s service agents. They sought a rapidly scalable AI solution that would integrate seamlessly with their current platforms across all channels, reduce ticket volume, and increase customer and employee satisfaction and efficiency.

The military branch opted for a solution that functions as a tight-knit unit; Aisera’s AI Service Desk. Featuring Conversational AI for serving knowledge articles and providing instant answers to employee questions, Conversational RPA to execute actions in the backend, and Ticket AI to support service agents in resolving issues. All the AI-powered automation came with air-tight security measures to ensure data privacy and the handling of sensitive information.