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Learn how Aisera helps cut enterprise support costs through self-service with Generative AI and ChatGPT-like experience

Aisera’s Generative AI Brings
the Wizardry Behind ChatGPT to the Enterprise

“By streamlining our employee service experience to auto-resolve support requests using workflow automation, knowledge, and service catalogs from ServiceNow, Aisera enables Zoom employees to get instant answers to their IT issues. We are ecstatic with the results and benefits that Aisera’s AI Service Desk has given us.”

Gary Chan | Head of IT Infrastructure and Employee Services

Zoom (IT)Zoom (CS)

Customer Testimonials

Icon showing hands and medical cross
National Healthcare Provider
80% improved employee experience and 90% improved Mean-time-to-Resolution, and self-service to streamline processes.
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Global Hi-Tech Company
Resolving more than 45% of IT service desk requests autonomously without manual intervention.
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Military Branch
Aisera’s Virtual Assistant auto-resolves 64% of employee requests and provides an 80% improvement in resolution times.