AI & Automation for
Federal, State & Local Government

Learn how you can innovate and deliver an AI-driven
conversational service experience with
Aisera’s Conversational AI & Automation.

Auto-resolve requests & provide faster resolution times

Virtual assistants are transforming Federal, State and Government Services

Here are the different use cases of supporting IT requests with AI & Automation.
Ticket Deflection and 24/7 IT SupportWith Conversational AI & Automation you can offer 24/7 access to a self-service option that can automatically resolve 70% of your support tickets, which saves time for both employees and support agents.
Proactive Engagement Across ChannelsWith Aisera’s AI Service Desk, you can boost user engagement in MS Teams, Slack or Webchat for employees while offering improved visibility into gaps and governance of its knowledge base.
Customizable Features and WorkflowsYou can design custom workflows to streamline frequent employee use-cases, with all custom functionality built out in a matter of weeks, and not months or quarters. Focus on automating mundane and repetitive tasks for a better EX.
Data Privacy & Security ComplianceAll the AI-powered automation for Aisera’s AI service experience (AISX) platform comes with air-tight security measures to ensure data privacy and the handling of sensitive information. Our customers trust us with their data and we never let them down.