Aisera Assist

Turbocharge agent productivity and enhance customer experience

Boost Agent Performance with Real-time Recommendations

Aisera Assist elevates the support experience, boosting agent productivity and user satisfaction. Aisera Assist automatically deflects tickets, summarizes cases, and generates natural-language answers in popular ticketing systems like Salesforce and Zendesk. With conversational capabilities and Enterprise AI Search capabilities, agents can use real-time conversational insights and search for information to provide personalized service for users. Aisera Assist also enables workflow and knowledge-base article draft generation to fill in knowledge gaps and improve service.

Agent's AI Copilot

AI Recommendations for Ticket Resolution

Leverage Aisera Assist to provide agents with case summarization and answer generation, as well as targeted AI recommendations based on knowledge articles, similar tickets, resolution notes, and next-best actions via an embedded UI widget in ticketing systems like Salesforce and Zendesk.

Ticket Resolution Assist

Real-time Assistance for Agents

Elevate user interactions by capturing real-time conversational insights such as sentiment, emotion, context, and priority to deliver real-time recommendations during live conversations

Real-time Assistance for Agents

Auto-Triage and Prediction

Classify and route tickets to the right support agent based on category, sub-category, case type, root cause, and urgency

Auto-Triage and Prediction

Auto-Resolve Tickets

Resolve user requests across multiple channels without any agent intervention based on a confidence threshold for increased efficiency

Auto-Resolve Tickets

Continuous AI Learning

Improve prediction accuracy and recommendations by learning from historical conversations, user activities, tickets, knowledge base articles, and agent interactions

AI learning

Aisera Assist FAQs

What does Aisera Assist do for artificial intelligence ticket automation?

Aisera Assist can act as an AI-powered ticket automation by providing real-time recommendations, automating routine tasks, and using conversational automation and insights to personalize service. It helps with ticket deflection, summarizing cases, and generating answers, thereby boosting agent productivity and overall user satisfaction.

What is the difference between AI ticketing and Aisera Assist?

AI ticketing generally refers to the use of artificial intelligence to manage and resolve support tickets, focusing on tasks like auto-resolution, classification, and routing. Aisera Assist, on the other hand, is a specific AI tool that enhances these capabilities by also offering real-time assistance, sentiment analysis, and conversational insights, making it more comprehensive in improving agent performance and user satisfaction.

What ticketing software can Aisera Assist integrate with?

Aisera Assist integrates with popular ticketing systems such as Salesforce and Zendesk. These integrations enable it to leverage its capabilities directly within these platforms, enhancing the support workflow.

Why is Aisera Assist recognized as a next-gen Ticket AI Assist?

Aisera Assist is recognized as a next-gen Ticket AI Assist because it combines multiple advanced features like automatic case summarization, sentiment and context analysis, and real-time conversational insights. These capabilities allow it to provide intelligent and personalized assistance to agents, leading to faster resolutions and improved service quality.