Enterprise AI Copilot

Your ultimate virtual assistant with
proactive notifications & resolutions

A Proactive AI Copilot for Enterprise

Aisera’s AI Copilot extends the capabilities of AiseraGPT to serve as your ultimate proactive concierge bot, ensuring you never miss a beat. With customizable prompts, skills, and workflows, the enterprise AI Copilot makes every interaction smarter, more accurate, and more personalized. Always ahead of the curve, Aisera’s AI Copilot provides timely alerts and recommendations and automates resolutions, ensuring you’re consistently informed and well-prepared for whatever comes your way.

Enable a Single Interface with AI Copilot

Provide a unified interface for all user requests with AI Copilot, which provides proactive support across multiple domains, channels, languages, and bots. Users no longer need to interact with each department’s separate AI Copilot to receive assistance. The enterprise AI Copilot can use the power of your relevant third-party copilots (Microsoft Copilot, Salesforce Einstein, and more) and execute their services. This allows you to deliver proactive assistance, no matter the domain.

Build Your Own Skills with Aisera's AI Copilot Studio

Build skills in Aisera’s AI Copilot Studio to save time for your users while increasing productivity. Aisera’s AI Copilot Studio combines the power of prompts with workflows to create context-aware skills. Build skills like creating an email template and generating an expense report to save your users time and effort.

Aisera Copilot Studio

Take Proactive Actions with Workflow & Event Studio

Dynamically trigger action flows using the Event Studio. The Event Studio uses system events to trigger automations and workflows created in Aisera’s Workflow Studio, allowing you to take immediate action. Leverage Aisera’s library of 3000+ automations or build your desired AI workflow.

Aisera's Event Studio

Customize Conversational Experience with Prompt Studio

Customize your Large Language Model (LLM) in the Prompt Studio to deliver relevant and tailored user experiences. Aisera allows you to fine-tune your model to your data, allowing you to choose which sources, phrases, and parameters you’d like to use. Ensure delightful and impactful user interactions, boosting personalization and accuracy, with Prompt Studio.

Aisera's Prompt Studio

Ensure Success with the TRAPS Framework

Aisera’s AI Copilot is built upon the TRAPS Framework, which aims to accelerate time-to-value of Generative AI while addressing and minimizing potential risks. With this framework, Aisera delivers an enterprise AI Copilot that is trusted, responsible, auditable, private, and secure.

Gen AI TRAPS Framework

Enterprise AI Copilot FAQs

How much does Enterprise Copilot Cost per Month?

The cost of Enterprise Copilot varies based on factors like the chosen solution, organization size, business processes, and specific use cases. For a detailed understanding of pricing and to assess the return on investment value, get a Risk-Free Gen AI Assessment today.

What is AI Copilot?

An AI Copilot is a type of AI assistant designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. It offers proactive notifications, customizable workflows, and skills for user assistance in human-like natural language. Integrating seamlessly across business applications, it uses machine learning to anticipate needs, boosts accuracy, and saves time through AI powered interactions, making it a comprehensive tool for boosting workplace efficiency and satisfaction.

How Safe is AI Copilot?

Aisera's enterprise AI Copilot is built on the TRAPS Framework, ensuring it is trusted, responsible, auditable, private, and secure. This framework guarantees safety by addressing potential risks, making it a highly secure solution for businesses seeking to leverage AI without compromising data integrity or user privacy.