95% improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and $1 million cost savings in case deflection
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“Our self-service rate is over 50%, well above the industry average of 20 to 30%. We are using the built-in analytics to determine what is and is not working and tuning the ontology to be even more specific to our business. That should raise that rate even higher.”

David DeMarco | VP of Delivery and Business Systems

Carta Case Study Factoid

Proven Results

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Auto-Resolution Rate

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Self-Service Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

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Cost Savings in Case Deflection

Scale Your Self-Service With Conversational AI

Carta needed the ability to quickly scale customer service while improving its CSATs. Challenges in their knowledge base-only approach to customer self-service meant most issues required an agent to assist. With data scattered across its landscape, Carta lacked a complete view of how to respond to service trends. As a financial services company, PII compliance including data anonymization, redaction, and encryption were also key requirements for any solution.

Through Aisera, Carta achieved 95% customer satisfaction (CSAT) and $1 million in cost savings. Aisera’s Conversational AI provided fast, accurate, and around-the-clock auto-resolutions to deliver better self-service experiences for its customers.