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With AiseraGPT by our side, we’ve embarked on a transformative journey, experiencing a surge in productivity and unparalleled user satisfaction. Its distinct domain-specific language, finely-tuned for Rail Transportation, has ignited a wave of auto-resolutions, elevated self-service capabilities, and heightened overall accuracy, setting a new standard for efficiency in the industry.

Jason Berryhill

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Omnitrax Creates a Central Hub with AiseraGPT for Boosting Accuracy & Productivity

Founded in 1996, Omnitrax is a rail and real estate company and is one of the largest privately owned railroad companies in the United States. Omnitrax aimed to consolidate its various systems into a unified platform where employees could resolve any issue. They decided to use Generative AI to fulfill this self-service vision, which would boost employee productivity while reducing ticket volumes.

Using AiseraGPT, Omnitrax brings a self-service experience to their employees and allows them to receive personalized and relevant IT support within their webchat and Microsoft Teams. With integrations to systems like ManageEngine, Smartsheet, Netsuite, Salesforce, Smartsheet, and more, Omnitrax is able to provide a singular and streamlined solution for all employee inquiries.

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