HR SaaS Leader Company leveraging AiseraGPT for their automation
HR SaaS Leader Company leveraging AiseraGPT for their automation

Enterprise HR Leader

AiseraGPT has proven to be a powerful Generative AI solution for our organization, resolving employee requests in seconds with an action bot. We’ve been impressed with its auto-resolution capabilities through AI workflows, and we’re excited to be leveraging the latest GPT technology.

VP of IT Infrastructure

Enterprise HR Leader


Employee Experience


AI Workflow Automation

Use Case

Self-Service via Slack

Automated Hardware & App Troubleshooting

Knowledge Article & Workflow Generation

Proven Results


Cost Savings


Auto-Resolution Rate


Increased Employee Satisfaction

AiseraGPT case study and demo for HR company

Supercharging User Productivity with AiseraGPT

Founded in 2005, this company is a leader in financial and human capital management. Faced with a growing employee base and a substantial influx of requests, including complex tasks like application and VPN troubleshooting, the company proactively embarked on a mission to aggressively scale and optimize its IT support operations for over 18,000 employees globally.

The company leveraged AiseraGPT to auto-remediate incoming requests and inquiries. With Domain-Specific LLMs, AiseraGPT understands queries using natural language and serves up relevant answers from their extensive Knowledge Base, repositories, and business apps to resolve issues in seconds. With Aisera, the company has scaled to meet employee needs, increasing productivity and self-service while achieving $1M+ in cost savings.

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