AI Voice Bot

Automate call handling with intelligent, human-like voice assistants to redefine customer service

Digital and Voice-based Self-Service for Superior Support Experience

Aisera’s AI Voice Bot resolves your customer’s most common questions on first contact, reducing unnecessary wait time and delivering a natural lifelike customer experience.

It can be customized to tailor-fit your organization’s needs and is available around the clock providing customers with instant help. With Gen AI for Contact Center, improve and scale your customer interactions while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Seamless transition from bot to agent

Not every customer conversation is easy and some need personalized attention – hand off conversations from the AI Voice Bot to live agents seamlessly and contextually for further assistance. You can also transfer back to a virtual assistant for mid-call tasks such as collection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or post-call surveys.

Voice-based multichannel support

Designed to integrate and work with your existing contact center systems, both on-premise or in the cloud (Genesys, Avaya, Five9, and more) to help deliver engaging experiences at scale. Support real-time cross-channel interactions with other digital mediums – SMS, messaging, etc.

Conversation Assist

Improve live agent interactions and resolution times by providing real-time assistance to agents. Aisera Assist adds value to every customer interaction with agents using sentiment analysis, agent coaching, etc.

Built-in Support for Multiple Languages

Aisera’s multilingual AI Voice Bot with built-in language detection quickly responds to customer requests in their preferred language of choice.


What is the difference between AI Voice Bot vs AI Chatbot?

An AI Voice Bots understand natural language spoken by the user through voice channels and synthesizes the appropriate response, while an AI chatbot understands and acts on natural language written by the user in text channels. AI Voice Bots are suited for voice interactions and AI Chatbots excel in written exchanges on webchat, Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, and more.

Are AI voice bots and voice chatbot the same?

An AI Voicebot is the same as a voice chatbot. Both use a voice-enabled conversational AI interface to engage with users.

AI voice bot vs IVR, which one is better for enterprise?

AI Voicebots offer more advanced natural language understanding and can handle complex dialogues, making them better for personalized customer interactions. IVR systems cannot understand natural, human language and rely on a series of menus to direct users to the correct resolution. Additionally, they are unable to process more than one request at a time.

How can AI voice bots improve customer experiences?

AI Voice Bots allow your customers to engage in human-like conversations that resolve simple and complex inquiries alike. As they can handle multiple intents, AI Voice Bots provide faster resolutions and are available 24/7, which increases customer satisfaction and boosts customer retention. Having an AI Voice Bot in your organization streamlines operations and scales support while also managing costs effectively.

What is an example of a AI Voice Bot?

An example of an AI Voice Bot is Apple’s Siri. Siri is an AI Voice Bot that uses natural language processing and voice recognition to perform tasks like answering questions, setting reminders, controlling smart devices, and playing music, enhancing the user's daily life through voice-based interactions.

What are the challenges in developing Voice Bots with conversational AI?

When developing an AI Voice Bot, you need to ensure that your voice bot is trained on a robust LLM that allows it to understand simple and complex requests. The bot also needs to be able to use workflows to resolve user requests without the need for human intervention.

Which industries can gain from the implementation of AI voice bot technology?

Industries looking to streamline their customer support experience with instant resolutions stand to benefit from AI Voice Bot technology. AI Voice Bots can benefit industries such as healthcare, banking, travel, retail, insurance, education, hospitality, entertainment, and more.