AI Customer Service

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with AiseraGPT & Generative AI

AI Customer Service Chatbot

Streamline your Customer Support with AiseraGPT

Aisera’s AI Customer Service brings increased customer satisfaction and decreased support costs to your organization by integrating a chatbot and an action bot to offer unmatched natural language conversations and automated issue resolutions. The Aisera’s Enterprise AI Copilot, an essential AI tool along with AiseraGPT, utilizes enterprise LLMs to enable personalized, multilingual conversations across digital and voice channels while automating complex requests using Conversational AI and Automation.

With AI Customer Service chatbots, organizations can reduce response times, eliminate human intervention, and supercharge agent productivity, thereby elevating customer retention rates, enhancing loyalty, and driving revenue growth.

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Generative AI for GPT-like Experiences

Enable GPT-like interactions in 100+ languages, using natural language as the new user interface. Facilitate human-like conversations with capabilities like intent understanding, context management and awareness, disambiguation, and exception handling.

Generative AI for Customer Service

Generative AI-Powered Search Across the Enterprise

Respond to requests by generating responses and summaries using RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), which searches through various customer data sources and business apps in real time. Extract information from knowledge bases, tickets, conversations, and more to enable on-the-fly data retrieval with Aisera’s Enterprise AI search capabilities, while including links for more details.

Neural Search Capabilities for AI Customer Service

Unsupervised AI & Human-in-the-Loop Reinforcement Learning

Boost customer service experiences with unsupervised AI that learns from each interaction to provide accurate and consistent responses. AiseraGPT employs enterprise LLM in areas like High-Tech, Retail, Financial Services, Pharma, healthcare, and more, adapting to your environment for contextual and relevant responses.

Unsupervised NLP for customer support

LLM Powered AI Workflow Library

Harness the power of  3,000+ pre-built and third-party LLM-powered AI workflows to auto-resolve incoming requests. The AI workflows can be triggered conversationally through system events, webhooks, schedules, and event data posted from other systems.

LLM Powered AI Workflow Library for AI Customer Service

Rich, Pre-Built Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with 500+ enterprise applications like SalesforceZendesk, and more, optimizing the automation of complex customer requests and empowering you to
bridge gaps in knowledge, automation, and conversational understanding effortlessly. The extensive integration system allows users to self-assist, elevating customer satisfaction.

Aisera's AI Customer Service Integration for salesforce, SAP, Zendesk, ServiceNow and more platforms

AI Voice Bot

Integrate AiseraGPT with leading IVR platforms such as Avaya, NICE in Contact, Genesys, 8×8, Cisco, and Five9. AI Voice Bot resolves contact center service requests autonomously with Aisera to offer customers an exceptional conversational journey.

AI Voice Bot for AI Customer Service Chatbot

Seamless Escalation to Live Customer Agents

Automatically identify customer sentiment and smoothly transfer escalated conversations to a live agent with conversation logs. Streamline your escalation processes to improve customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

Identifying customer sentiment and deliver it to live agent

AI Customer Service FAQs

How to use AI in customer service?

AI (Artificial intelligence) works with existing customer service tools to deliver an exceptional customer experience through multilingual conversational intelligence and automation. It learns from every touchpoint and automates repetitive inquiries and workflows using conversational, Generative AI and automation in a ChatGPT-like interaction for the enterprise.

What is AI based customer care?

An AI based customer support is designed to answer customer questions by leveraging existing knowledge resources. They are also programmed to recognize the context of the conversation along with the content of the request.

Are chatbots good for customer service?

Chatbots serve as a support system that allows customer support and service to perform to the best of their abilities. AI-powered chatbots work as AI Virtual Assistants to provide immediate answers, can route a customer to the correct knowledge article or seamlessly hand off to a support agent, and reduce hold times, phone line congestion, and unnecessary support tickets.

How can AI help customer service?

By automating 65-80% of repetitive tasks, customer service and support agents can focus on more challenging and complex issues that require human interaction. AI also provides 24/7 availability, consistent service, proactive help, personalized service, predictive behavioral analysis, and more.

Will AI take over customer service?

Generative AI for enterprises will help augment the delivery and automation of customer service, as well as empower support agents to be more productive and focus on escalations.