National Healthcare Provider

Aisera’s AI Service Desk with its Generative AI capabilities allows our company to streamline our processes and break the cycle of endless monotony and searching for information. Now, we have enabled our employees with immediate self-service options so they can focus on getting patients the help they need when they need it. Aisera has helped reimagine what’s possible for our staff.


National Healthcare Provider


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Health care ai employee experience & conversational AI

Leveraging Generative AI and AiseraGPT Interactions to Resolve Large Volumes of Repetitive Tasks with Self-Service

With an average of 100,000 tickets per month and a recent shift to remote working and tele-health services, the high volume of support requests challenged this healthcare provider to continue delivering effective services to their patients and maintain their employee’s ability to do their job. The challenges faced by this company resulted in higher costs, burdened staff members, and issues with accessing medical records, scheduling appointments, and responding to EMS calls.

Through Aisera’s Generative AI solution, this Healthcare company achieved 80 percent improved employee experience and 90 percent improved mean-time-to-resolution while getting enormous cost savings. Aisera’s AI Service Desk, via its AiseraGPT interactions, provided fast, accurate, and around-the-clock auto-resolutions to deliver better self-service experiences for hospital employees and patients.