Why Do Service Desks Need Agent-Assist?

Customer queries can cause great affliction amongst service agents, not because they dread handling them, but because they lack the proper information, resources, and processes that allow them to resolve tickets quickly and efficiently. In most cases, support tickets sit in IT service desk queues for hours or even days before reaching the appropriate service agent, leading to delayed resolution times and user frustration.

This delay is due to ticket triage being a manual process, requiring multiple actions from service agents before a solution can be obtained.

The Challenge with Manual Ticket Triage

With manual triaging processes, service agents are spread thinly across what seems to be a neverending influx of tickets. As more and more tickets pile into an agent’s lap, they begin to feel bogged down and fatigued, resulting in increased human errors that hinder ticket routing and resolution. Excessive ticket volumes also deter service agents from focusing on higher-value tasks. Rather than prioritizing issues that require more time and attention, service agents waste a significant amount of time sorting, tagging, and routing tickets manually, causing employee productivity to plummet dramatically.

In various instances, tickets pass through many different agents before landing in the right hands. Because manually routing tickets to the most suitable service agent or group is incredibly inefficient and time-consuming, users grow impatient and dissatisfied, resulting in decreased customer satisfaction and retention. For some organizations, the time it takes for tickets to be read, routed, and resolved is elongated due to a lack of experts, data, and guidance. Because access to reliable data or knowledge articles is limited, service agents struggle to quickly retrieve accurate answers to support requests, making resolution times longer and users more displeased.

Fortunately, Aisera’s Ticket AI Assistant solution includes Agent-Assist functionality that not only helps service agents in expediting the ticket triaging process but also revolutionizes employee and customer experiences.

Have No Fear; Ticket AI’s Agent-Assist is Here!

Featured in Aisera’s Ticket AI solution, Agent-Assist is a fully integrated and customizable UI widget that helps service agents triage tickets quickly across multiple channels without manual intervention. Think of Agent-Assist as a reliable and intelligent sidekick to service agents that is well-equipped and readily available to handle tickets that come their way. How does it work, you might ask?

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Ticket AI’s Agent-Assist feature learns from historical tickets to build a robust and accurate prediction model used for automated ticket triage.

Automated ticket triage involves auto-classifying and directing support tickets to the right service agents based on topic, urgency, and user profile. Autonomous learning in real-time helps Ticket AI expedite and accurately perform this process. By continuously garnering data and results from every interaction, Ticket AI can identify trends in incoming tickets to predict and select the correct categories to which they belong.

The ability to self-learn also helps Ticket AI route tickets to the right agents the first time around, eliminating time wasted on sending tickets back and forth. This capability makes triaging tickets less cumbersome to service agents because they no longer have to spend hours performing mundane tasks. By relieving service agents from monotony, Agent-Assist enables them to focus on higher priorities, such as tending to individual customer issues. Greater focus on providing fast and personalized interactions to users then helps agents deliver enhanced customer experiences, resulting in increased conversions and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Ticket Intelligence For Improved Service Desk Efficiency

Aisera’s Ticket AI can also recommend similar tickets, knowledge articles, and next-best actions to service agents, saving them hours of manually sifting through large databases and systems. With access to knowledge at their fingertips, service agents can resolve user support requests quickly, allowing them to become more productive and efficient in areas that add higher value to the business. Knowledge recommendations from Ticket AI also eliminate the need for service agents to cherry-pick or skip tickets that ranked higher in severity or were at first too challenging to solve. Instead, service agents can rely on Ticket AI’s resolution notes and knowledge articles to resolve the support requests directed towards them regardless of how difficult or severe. This capability ensures that every customer is attended to, enabling them to feel valued and more likely to return for future interactions.

Agent-Assist: Unlocking Your Agent’s True Potential

In an era where users expect and demand answers in a matter of seconds, it has never been more crucial for service agents to provide fast resolutions to IT issues. On top of this generation being incredibly reliant and consumed by advanced technology, the COVID-19 pandemic makes employee and customer satisfaction even bigger priorities now that most of the world is working from home. While service desk agents have traditionally used manual ticket triaging processes, automated ticket triage proves to be more beneficial to both users and employees.

With Aisera’s Ticket AI, ticket triaging processes are streamlined with ticket intelligence and agent-assist, enabling service agents to work less on monotonous tasks and more on high-priority issues. Working in areas other than ticket triaging is beneficial and appealing to service agents because manually classifying, assigning, and routing tickets can be tiresome and uninteresting, especially when performing these processes from home. Their disinterest and fatigue will negatively affect their overall performance, making issue resolutions challenging to achieve, and customers less likely to return. By triaging support tickets for service agents, Ticket AI enables them to feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to excel. This change in employee morale will then positively affect how they interact with customers online, resulting in more personalized interactions that lead to greater customer satisfaction. With Ticket AI, your organization will be able to establish an efficient ticket triage process that boosts employee morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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