Today’s consumer expects personalized assistance on-demand. Partnering with Aisera has enabled us to address our members’ needs in real time through AI. DaveGPT, powered by Aisera, fundamentally impacts how we scale by automating simple interactions and generating value through efficiency and supporting our members.

Jason Wilk

CEO & Founder


Customer Experience

Generative AI &
Domain-specific LLM

Use Case

Mobile App Self-Service



Dave Bot

Dave achieves stellar results with DaveGPT, powered by Aisera


Auto-Resolution Rate


First Call Resolution Improvement


Improved Agent Productivity

Empowering customer self-service with Generative AI & domain-specific LLMs

Customer experience is a high priority for this challenger bank, and scaling support was crucial for Dave’s rapidly growing user base. DaveGPT, powered by Aisera, combines the power of Aisera’s conversational interface with Generative AI and domain-specific LLMs tailored for the banking & finance industry to serving answers and information seamlessly to customers. Enabling a consistent customer experience improved customer satisfaction. Dave was able to provide real-time information to customers and empower them to take action.

By using Generative AI models, DaveGPT, powered by Aisera, provides on-demand and personalized support options that has helped increase member satisfaction and retention. Dave has been able to auto-resolve 89% of member inquiries, and has achieved 60% first call resolution (FCR). Dave’s partnership with Aisera to leverage generative AI supports the neobank’s continued innovation in the industry.