Dave Customer Story

Achieved 24/7 autonomous support that elevated customer experience
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Dave wants customers to feel empowered when using our product. Conversational AI a great way for us to immediately provide value and elevate our customer experience. Aisera is a partner we could collaborate with to create and quickly deploy a smart solution that puts customers first, enabling us to see results almost immediately. We look forward to growing with Aisera as a partner and creating dynamic customer solutions.

Mia Alexander | VP of Customer Success, Dave.com

Proven Results

Empowering Customer Self-Service

Customer experience is a high priority for this challenger bank, and scaling support was crucial for Dave’s rapidly growing userbase. Dave relies on Aisera to establish a conversational interface that delivers customer self-service by serving answers and information seamlessly to customers. Enabling a consistent customer experience improved customer satisfaction. Dave was able to provide real-time information to customers and empower them to take action.

With Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution, Dave provides on-demand and personalized support options that users can access at any time with Aisera’s 24×7 virtual assistant. Dave was able the see results right away, achieving a 70 percent auto-resolution rate with self-service and a 60 percent first call resolution (FCR).