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Virtual assistants are transforming Pharma & Biotech

With a 24/7 concierge service, AI & Automation is an easy pill to swallow to help transform the Pharma & Biotech Industry.
Central AI Nervous SystemAddressing patients’ concerns about side effects and lifestyle impacts may prevent drop-offs or late starts in treatment and improve the provider and patient experience. By connecting knowledge base articles, ticketing systems, case studies, and other countless data, Aisera’s Conversational AI can connect multiple formats of information to provide the best answer possible.
Build Resilience in your People and ProcessIn a world where regulation, compliance and customer expectations are constantly changing, future-proofing your service desk is critical. Aisera’s AI & Automation also provides hands-off support for employees with task reminders for compliance training, to onboarding, to answering questions employees are uncomfortable asking managers.
Automate Customer feedbackPatients are demanding more visibility to the ingredients and information across the entire drug life cycle - and their lifecycle. Our AI Chatbot enables Pharma and Biotech companies to automate the collection of customer feedback and makes it easier for the customer success team to review the data and gain actionable insights.
From Prescriptive to PredictiveTrigger automated sequences along a customer journey to proactively reach out and remind customers of Rx refills, or other helpful knowledge articles based on their treatment and/or therapy. Aisera’s AI-powered chatbot can help guide the conversations with patients as the condition evolves and with the effects of therapy, or equipment orders.