Aisera’s Conversational AI has provided Chegg’s global employees with the ability to self-serve and solve many of their IT service needs within minutes, regardless of time zones. It’s made a vast difference in reducing Chegg’s IT ticket burden and decreased response time. Within a month, the Conversational AI bot was closing as many tickets as a typical tech, freeing our team to address the higher-level challenges and focus on the IT strategy needed to support Chegg’s growing business.

Brian McGuiness

Director, IT Operations


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Workflow Automation for IT

Shelly Bot

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Instant Employee Support with AI

Rapid company growth and large volumes of IT tickets left Chegg’s service desk restricted, bottlenecked, and unable to meet rising user needs. Chegg currently utilizes Aisera’s AI Service Desk and Conversational AI to deliver top-of-the-line self-service resolutions and 24×7 support for its employees. Chegg’s implementation of Aisera resulted in a drastically improved auto-resolution rate, agent productivity, and MTTR.

Chegg launched a Generative AI-powered Virtual Assistant, known internally to employees as Shelly, across multiple channels. Aisera helps Chegg increase auto-resolution rates through an AI-powered Service Desk and Conversational AI virtual agent that offers personalized self-service support resolutions. Chegg improved auto-resolution rates by 80% and boosted productivity by 50%.