Joel Sandi, 8X8
Joel Sandi - 8X8

As a service provider to businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to global enterprises, 8×8 is always looking for ways to innovate our customer service experience, and Aisera is a critical part of that. Their Conversational AI empowers us to auto-resolve support request in seconds, and our customers love how quickly they can get answers to get on with their business. Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution is game-changing.

Joel Sandi

Sr. Manager, Customer Support Operations


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Achieve Stellar Results with AiseraGPT for Enterprise


Auto-Resolution Rate


Increase in Customer Experience Satisfaction


First Contact Resolution Rate


Self Service and Case Deflection with Generative AI

8×8 provides a ChatGPT-like experience for self-service, leading to automated resolutions, increased case deflections and higher agent productivity.


Continuous and Automated AI Learning

Aisera’s continuous AI learning becomes even more accurate and better suited to company issues over time, without the need for supervision or retraining.


Seamless Escalation to Live Agents

When the system is unable to auto-resolve an issue, users may immediately engage with a live support agent to assist them in fully addressing their issue.

Digitally Scale Your Support Team With Generative AI

Aisera added robust self-service functionality with a conversational interface to 8×8’s virtual call center so customers could immediately find the answers that they need. By implementing Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution, 8×8 was able to deploy “Otto,” a Generative AI-powered virtual assistant to leverage existing resources to automate and enable self-service to take over and handle many of the mundane tasks and cases of support agents. 8×8 realized more than a 60 percent decrease in case volume and a 50 percent increase in agent productivity.

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