Generative AI for
Healthcare & Hospitals

Transforming healthcare and patient experience
with Gen AI and Automation

How AI is improving the experience of healthcare practitioners and patients


Improved Employee





Use Cases

Appointment Scheduling

Automate routine tasks – schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments, and update missing personal information

Patient Care Management

Interact with healthcare providers, request prescription refills, view test results and medications

Patient Support

Enable patient self-serve with automatic MyChart account creation and password reset

Proactive Patient

Send proactive notifications to patients about upcoming vaccinations, health visits, and prescription status

Invoice Payment
and Claims

Generate invoices and resolve billing and claims issues with pre-built integrations to patient scheduling systems, EHR, IVR, and insurance claims management systems

Seamless Bot to
Agent hand-off

Analyze natural language, utterance, and sentiment to interpret when a customer is unhappy and seamlessly transfer to a live agent

Learn how a leading National Healthcare Provider reduced its operational cost and improved MTTR

Aisera’s AI Service Desk allows our company to streamline our processes and break the cycle of endless monotony and searching for information. Now, we have enabled our staff with immediate self-service options so they can focus on getting patients the help they need when they need it. Aisera has helped reimagine what’s possible for our staff. 


National Healthcare Provider


Up to 75% auto-resolution rate of support tickets

Save up to 10,000 agent hours annually

Provide exceptional round-the-clock support