AI & Automation for
Healthcare and Hospitals

Learn how AI & Automation can immediately provide
business value and elevate your patient experience at scale.

Virtual assistants are transforming Healthcare and Hospitals

Here are the different use cases of supporting Healthcare and Hospitals with AI & Automation.
Automate Patient OutreachAisera’s Conversational AI & Automation solution can save hospitals potentially millions of dollars each year in resource and operation costs. Our intelligent virtual assistants can provide smart appointment bookings and reminders. This helps your organization analyze patient behavior and history to predict no-shows before they happen. Perform patient satisfaction surveys, help customers book appointments and follow-ups for paying bills. The AI Chatbots can also verify important information such as insurance coverage.
Patient Lead GenerationHospitals and clinics can use AI chatbots to amplify brand awareness by engaging new users in the digital platforms they frequently use. Conversational AI can be used to provide questionnaires to new patients & understand symptoms. The AI chatbot can deliver personalized information to the new user based on their responses while suggesting open time slots for the individual to book an appointment. Intelligent VAs can also facilitate new patient onboarding & schedule appointments.
Proactive Patient RemindersHealthcare providers deal with the perennial issue of patient compliance and medicine administration. But our AI chatbot can send patients timely reminders on when they need to take their medication or carry out their exercise routines for physical therapy.
Self-Service Medical Equipment SupportPatients may have questions related to the medical equipment they need to get better. Hospitals and clinics can learn from the questions patients ask our intelligent virtual assistants so that they can start to provide that information more proactively.
Maximize your Knowledge Base
Self-Service Prescription Drug InformationPatients tend to conduct online research for countless hours on the medication they’ve been prescribed. However, intelligent virtual assistants can easily solve common medication queries such as drug compositions, recommended dosages, side-effects, differences between generic and branded drugs, method of administration and more.
Integrate Billing and ClaimsEasily integrate Aisera’s AI service experience (AISX) platform with your backend billing, inventory, and insurance claims management systems. This integration allows healthcare providers to proactively generate invoices for payments and enable patients to interact with your billing department, thus allowing support agents to focus on more complex issues.