Responsible AI

Generative AI with a TRAPS Framework (Trusted, Responsible, Auditable, Private & Secure)

Your Data is Secure and Private in Your Environment with Aisera

Aisera’s TRAPS framework (Trusted, Responsible, Auditable, Private, and Secure) enforces rigorous ethical, transparent, and secure methodologies in the design and deployment of Generative AI applications.

Aisera maintains up-to-date protocols to align with evolving ethical and security standards, showcasing its commitment to trust preservation, privacy protection, and the promotion of responsible AI practices.

Aisera's Generative AI Platform privacy and security capabilities

The AI Development Lifecycle

During the design phase, Aisera’s AI team considers potential biases, discrimination, and the impact of the AI model and takes steps to mitigate these issues. We take steps to ensure that the data used for training models is representative, diverse, and legally & ethically sourced. The model is then tested rigorously for fairness and accuracy, involving diverse datasets and scenarios to identify potential issues, and the AI model undergoes thorough assessment and monitoring both during pre and post-deployment.

AI Development Lifecycle

Trusted & Explainable AI

Aisera strives to make the AI model explainable to help users understand how decisions are made and enable them to question or challenge outcomes. We provide you with insight into the training of the model and actively gather user feedback to continuously improve the model.

Trusted AI

Address Bias & Fairness

Aisera periodically audits its AI models to assess their fairness, accuracy, and impact and updates are made accordingly based on the audit findings. In cases where bias is identified, we take corrective actions such as retraining models, refining algorithms, or adjusting decision boundaries.

Address Bias

Reinforcement Learning

Aisera’s AI models use reinforcement learning to integrate intelligence from human interactions to continuously improve accuracy. By leveraging user feedback and data from knowledge articles, past tickets, and live agent conversations, Aisera is able to continuously improve the accuracy and quality of user interactions.

Reinforcement Learning

Collaboration & Industry Engagement

Aisera collaborates with groups such as academic institutions, regulators, and advocacy groups to advance responsible AI practice and stays updated with industry standards and best practices to help create a world of responsible AI.

AI Company Collaboration & Industry Engagement

Security & Compliance

Aisera offers enterprise-grade Security & Compliance for F1000 companies that are built on the foundation of trust, security and governance. Aisera is ISO/IEC 27001 and CSA Star Level 1 certified, and is also SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA/BAA, and CCPA compliant. We also anonymize PII information to increase security and privacy of user data.

Security & Compliance with standards