Integrated AI Service Experience

Plug workflow automation into your enterprise tech stack in minutes, not months.

Technology Partner Ecosystem

Love integrations? Aisera makes it easy to connect to any app with open APIs, giving you access to a wealth of data to deliver a world-class AI Service Experience.

Ticketing System

Aisera integrates with most ticketing systems to provide automatic ticket creation, classification, routing, and triaging.

HR System

Integrating HR systems with Generative AI platforms is crucial for resolving HR requests without the need for human intervention. AiseraGPT with HR-optimized LLMs provides a human language interface while automating complex processes with pre-built action workflows to handle HR requests within seconds.

Knowledge Management

Organizations struggle with knowledge buried in disparate and siloed systems. Aisera’s powerful Neural Search capabilities connect your knowledge base to instantly leverage your content and provide the best answers possible to customers, employees, and agents.

Endpoint Management

Today’s dynamic work environment demands flexible access and support. Aisera connects with endpoint management tools so customers and employees can streamline access rights of endpoint devices to a network, while complying to security policies.

Enterprise Apps

Aisera integrates with various enterprise applications, helping you to deliver instant service and higher satisfaction rates.

Contact Center

A contact center doesn’t sleep which is where Aisera steps in to help provide the resources and tools to automate your contact center with AI and Machine Learning.


Aisera can be where your users are. Aisera integrates with your preferred chat, commerce, and communication tools.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Don’t leave your users locked out. Aisera provides 24/7 support for various IT tasks like password resets, software provisioning, troubleshooting, and more.


With Aisera, you can combine ticketing, patient records, patient messaging, billing, and claims management into one centralized system.