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Generative AI for Workspace

Aisera’s AI Service Desk automates and simplifies tedious, manual, and repetitive tasks of workspace management teams, from common office maintenance to employee work requests. With Aisera’s AI Service Desk, teams can automate workflows for tasks such as on-site maintenance, badge requests, parking permits, or even onboarding new employees, all while reducing operational costs and exceeding employee service expectations.

Facilities Example

Enhanced Self-Service Experience

Provide instant suggestions and solutions to common workplace-related tasks

Improve ESAT and

Reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR) by deflecting routine and auto-resolving repetitive requests

Increase Collaboration and Drive Operational Efficiency

Improve collaboration across teams and departments, such as IT, HR, and Finance by automating workflows and streamlining processes

Centralized Workspace and
Maintenance Requests Hub

Enable end-users to use their preferred collaboration tool to submit and track requests such as requesting a new access card, submitting a maintenance request, booking a conference room, or ordering office equipment.

Centralized Facilities

Proactive Communication
and Updates

Broadcast important company-wide information or updates, including scheduled maintenance, downtime, repairs, office policy updates, security notifications and more.

Instant Policy and Workspace
Information, No Human

Auto-resolve requests from coworkers for readily available information, such as office policies, building locations, unreserved meeting rooms, or printer locations – all without any human interaction.

Instant Policy