Janet Jett from Twilio explains using AI platform
Janet Jett from Twilio explains using AI platform

Aisera’s Generative AI technology and service went above and beyond our expectations, achieving a remarkable 4x reduction in self-service queries. The team demonstrated exceptional attention to our specific use case, and we are thrilled with the outstanding results.

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Twilio AI AskIT tool works with Aisera's AI platform

Twilio Leverages Generative AI to Scale IT Operations for ChatGPT-like Employee Engagement with Aisera

As Twilio continued to expand, its IT support team found it increasingly challenging to keep up with the growing volume of employee inquiries. This resulted in visible frustration among employees due to delayed support. At the same time, the IT team struggled with a constant influx of tickets and queries, which not only put a strain on their schedules and workloads but also impacted their ability to meet the SLA timelines.

With Aisera’s AI Service Desk, Twilio has auto-resolved 65% of all incoming support requests. Its conversational AI and automation capabilities have ensured that employees are able to self-serve and that their requests are addressed in a matter of minutes. Aisera’s cutting-edge Generative AI technology is helping Twilio live up to its core mission of striving to get better every day.

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