Global Hi-Tech Company

Resolving more than 45% of IT service desk requests autonomously without manual intervention

Global Hi-Tech Company

“Aisera’s AI Service Desk solution solves unique challenges for our IT and Facilities groups. To provide our employees great employee experiences as we moved campuses in the Bay Area and as we continue to scale and increase our global facilities footprint of our Work Place Services (WPS) team implemented the Aisera platform and its AI-driven chatbot as its first form of global support. With Aisera, our service agents are now enabled to focus on higher-value work.”

CIO | Global Hi-Tech Company

Dependable Results

Automate High Volumes of Repetitive Tasks

This Hi-Tech Company has over a thousand employees worldwide, causing the challenge of handling approximately 3,000 IT and facilities-related requests each month. This took up valuable time for IT and facilities personnel to process and solve. This Hi-Tech Company leveraged Aisera to automate ticket resolution and resolve requests autonomously by providing employees instant access to knowledge through an AI Service Desk.

Through Aisera, this Hi-Tech Company was able to achieve a 45 percent auto-resolution rate while drastically reducing costs and improving agent productivity. The omnichannel access to the AI Service Desk provided seamless resolutions to employees and enhanced overall user experience.