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AI for HR Solutions

Aisera’s enterprise-grade AI Copilot brings the magic of ChatGPT-like interactions and Generative AI to accelerate support and respond to employee inquiries in natural, human-like conversations. It utilizes industry and HR domain-specific large language models (LLMs) to empower self-service and drive fulfillment with fully integrated AI-driven workflows.

Our AI for HR solutions seamlessly integrates with existing HR systems such as Workday, ADP to access real-time data and provide accurate and personalized responses while fulfilling employee requests.

AI Service Desk for HR
Reduce IT Costs

Reduce Cost by Automating
HR Processes

Eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks to minimize cost, time, and effort required to complete HR formalities

Deliver Seamless

Provide seamless cross-channel experiences across multiple digital channels such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Voice, and Email

Improve Resolution Times

Elevate Employee
Productivity and Boost

Amplify employee productivity with auto-resolution, self-service, and round-the-clock access to instant, personalized, and accurate responses

Employee Onboarding and

Create seamless and hassle-free onboarding and offboarding experiences by automating, streamlining, and connecting multi-step cross-functional processes to ensure a smooth transition for employees

Employee onboarding by AI

PTO Management

Optimize the paid time off (PTO) management process, empowering employees to effortlessly request, track, and receive approvals for leave while improving efficiency

AI PTO management for HR

Benefits Enrollment

Enable employees to access and update their benefits information while receiving personalized enrollment guidance on available plans, coverage, costs, and deadlines

AI to issue enrollments and benefits

Proactive Notifications and

Send automated notifications on upcoming learning and development sessions, training deadlines, performance reviews, and surveys through collaboration channels such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Voice, and Email

AI notification and remainder for human resources