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How Aisera Streamlines HR Processes to Enhance Employee Experience
Give 24x7 Access to HR Answers InstantlyHR teams now have the freedom to focus on what matters by autonomously offloading redundant tasks and queries. Aisera provides immediate and relevant answers to common employee questions like open enrollment, provider contact information, PTO and health claims.
Streamlined Onboarding AutomationEnsure employees start on the right foot with a smooth and efficient onboarding process. Aisera works across HR, Facilities, and IT to verify employment, provision access to tools, assign devices, and more, creating a seamless onboarding experience for the newest team members.
Build Your All-Star TeamFrom candidate sourcing and screening to scheduling interviews and extending offer letters, automating HR service delivery procedures with Aisera makes it easy to find star players and strengthen employee recruitment, all while reducing cost-to-hire.
Easy Self-Service for Employee RequestsEnable employees to request time off, track requests, and see their balances at any time. Aisera comes with an out-of-the-box action catalog and pre-built workflows, making it easy for employees to submit for vacation time, sick leave, parental leave, and other related events.
Payroll Management Made SimpleGive employees the ability to view their paycheck, benefit statements, deductions, and other important documents at any time. Employees can update their personal information, direct deposit slips, and download or print W-2 and 1099 forms when needed.
Case Management Done RightEquip HR teams with the right tools to effectively manage and address employee needs. Aisera makes it easy for HR teams to create cases, escalate issues, and provide timely feedback to improve employee relations and satisfaction as well as reduce workplace risks.