Aisera’s Generative AI Platform

Build Responsible Gen AI Apps in Weeks, Not Months

Generative AI platform

Boost Response Accuracy
with Grounded AI and Domain-Specific LLMs

Deliver accurate responses and increase the efficiency of your business operations with pre-trained domain-specific LLMs. They are tailored to domains such as Engineering, Finance IT, HR, Workspace, Legal, DevOps, Customer Service, and more, helping you provide precise and context-aware responses to users.

Grounded AI and domain specific LLMs for accuracy

Choose Your Large Foundational Model (LFM)

Build your LLMs stack with a strong Large Foundational Model (LFM) of your choice by selecting between third-party LFMs (like Azure AI, Open AI, Google Vertex AI, Llama 3, AWS Bedrock) or leverage Aisera’s proprietary LFM.

Large foundational model in Generative AI platform

Deep Insights with Data Lake App Integrations

Aisera’s integration with data lakes (Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, and Microsoft Graph) and data repositories enable you to unlock critical business insights, rationalize data, democratize advanced data analytics for users, and uncover previously invisible patterns and insights on both structured and unstructured data.

Generative AI platform datalake

Ensure Success with the TRAPS Framework

Build your AI solution the right way. Aisera’s TRAPS Framework enforces rigorous ethical and secure methodologies in designing and deploying Generative AI apps. With AI that is trusted, responsible, auditable, private, and secure, Aisera accelerates the time-to-value of Generative AI while minimizing potential risks.

Generative AI platform