Aisera’s AI Platform

AI and Automation for the Entire Enterprise

Under the Hood

Aisera takes an uncompromising approach to delivering exceptional service experiences with best-in-class technologies as the core strengths and key differentiators that form the underpinnings of our AI platform. Interweaving User and Service Behavioral Intelligence, Workflow Orchestration and Automation, Unsupervised AI Learning, an AI-driven Service Catalog, AI Learning, and Ticket Intelligence into an enterprise-grade multilingual Conversational AI Platform, Aisera’s robust AI Service Management (AISM) solutions empower every enterprise with end-to-end automation.

Advanced Technologies

Conversational PlatformBringing the speed and fluidity of Natural Language to complete daily tasks and actions, Aisera’s Conversational Platform delivers consumer-grade experiences to the enterprise with the support of 74 languages out-of-the-box. Seamlessly connecting front and back-office functions through a vast intent library, Aisera allows users to do more via voice, chat, email, and more.
Unsupervised AI (NLP/NLU)Leverage pre-trained language models such as BERT and implement techniques such as tokenization, spell checking, and lemmatization with Unsupervised AI. Aisera’s unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) dissect incoming user requests to interpret intents with domain classification. What’s more is that Aisera’s AI continuously learns from numerous sources, including tickets, conversations, and KB articles, without the manual supervision of an AI expert.
User and Service Behavioral IntelligenceTo deliver personalized and precise answers, Aisera’s User and Service Behavioral Intelligence tracks and analyzes user actions powered by techniques including user preferences, sentiment analysis, and role-based access control (RBAC) from company data sources such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, Oracle, Confluence, and Sharepoint. A preference manager governs intent categorization and fulfillment of user requests, employing various models to capture relevant behaviors and turn them into actionable solutions.
AI Workflow Automation & Orchestration (RPA)Aisera contextually classifies the extracted intents from user requests and parses the data to map the information to associated entities via a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) of actions that need to be completed. Submitting the DAG to a workflow management platform allows Aisera to execute any job on the server at a given time. With a native workflow and orchestration engine, pre-built low-code actions, and workflows from Aisera’s Flow Studio, workflows can be customized with multiple trigger types (including natural language) and integrated with all popular service catalogs.
Built-In AI-Driven Service CatalogFully customizable workflows designed with our no-code Flow Studio allows users to order Service Catalog items through chat instantly. Unique to Aisera is the dual benefit of our proprietary service catalog together with our ability to integrate with external service catalogs, including ServiceNow, AWS, BMC, and FreshService, enhancing them with the features and benefits of Conversational AI.
AI LearningAisera employs Transfer Learning to learn across different domains and contexts efficiently. Collective Learning uses both anonymization and normalization to develop a universal understanding of support issues. The advanced AI Learning capabilities enable Aisera to quickly find patterns, grow more accurately over a short period of time, and improve with each additional data point.
Ticket IntelligenceAisera’s Ticket Intelligence picks up patterns quickly, enabling fast and accurate responses. The auto-resolution mode autonomously resolves tickets with macros, and articles or selects a specific section of an article for a more relevant answer. The agent-assist mode automatically categorizes and routes tickets to the right groups, and coaches agents in real-time by providing the next-best actions, knowledge, or macro recommendations. Prediction accuracy continuously improves with real-time reinforcement learning.
AI Service Management (AISM)Aisera’s AI Service Management (AISM) solution employs Conversational AI and Conversational RPA to provide employees and customers with immediate self-service resolutions. Aisera’s AISM solutions include the AI Service Desk, AI Customer Service, AIOps, and TicketIQ. Aisera automates business processes, workflows, and user engagement effortlessly with AI and automation that provides personalized and proactive AI Service Experience across all domains by leveraging existing tools and environments.

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Aisera works with organizations to develop a business case and provides a deflection or resolution-based pricing plan. Aisera’s goal is to meet the needs of our customers to ensure AI and automation success. By leveraging successful deflections or auto-resolutions of user requests, workflows, and tasks—businesses can confidently partner with Aisera throughout their AI transformation journey.