AI Workflow Automation

Automate complex requests to empower self-service, boost productivity and cut costs

Enhance operational efficiency with Aisera’s AI workflow automation. Aisera’s AI workflow automation engine orchestrates intelligent workflows, automating complex user requests and seamlessly integrating human and machine tasks into an end-to-end flow. It extends beyond single-task automation, encompassing entire business processes and interactions across multiple applications, ultimately reducing resolution times, and boosting user satisfaction.

AI Workflow Automation for end to end flow

Generate AI Workflows

Leverage automated processes to ingest, parse, and process knowledge base articles while evaluating their suitability as a zero-shot (as-is) or conversation flow, where the KB articles are converted into AI workflows based on organization and content.

Third-Party Workflow Execution

Eliminate the need to re-create AI workflows and decrease development time by seamlessly importing existing workflows or by triggering them from 3rd party systems like UiPath, Workato, ServiceNow, and more.

LLM-Powered AI Workflow Library

Utilize 3,000+ pre-built and third-party LLM-powered AI workflows to auto-remediate requests and minimize the need for human intervention. AiseraGPT AI workflows can be triggered conversationally through system events, webhooks, schedules, and event data posted from other systems.

Rich, Pre-Built Integrations

Maximize the automation of complex employee requests across business services and applications with 500+ back-end connectors using open APIs. Seamlessly connect with your existing tech stack such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, Workday, Nexthink, Okta, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more.

Low-Code/No-Code Visual Studio

With Aisera’s Low-Code/No-Code studio, you can build automations with a drag-and-drop interface and orchestrate tasks and actions across multiple applications. Users can also leverage Aisera’s pre-built workflow library for turnkey automation.

no code visual workflow automation

Key Insights into Workflow Analytics

Aisera provides detailed analytics that give visibility into service gaps and common user behaviors. Identify bottlenecks and pinpoint where drop-offs are occurring while auto-streamlining workflows over time with Aisera’s comprehensive insights dashboard and reports.

On-Premises and Cloud Execution of Workflows

Deploy workflows and automations that span cloud-only, on-premises remote workflows only, or a hybrid of cloud and on-premises applications that work for a variety of environments.

AI Workflow Solution FAQs

What are differences between an AI workflow builder and pre-built AI workflows?

An AI workflow builder provides extensive flexibility, allowing users to create tailored workflows from scratch or modify existing ones based on specific needs. In contrast, pre-built AI workflows are out-of-the-box solutions designed for specific tasks, offering quick implementation with minimal customizations

What are 3 use cases of generative AI for workflow automation?

Here are three use cases of generative AI for workflow automation. 1. Summarize content - Generate concise summaries of large datasets or documents, facilitating the extraction of key insights without manual effort 2. Generate Knowledge Article - Create new knowledge articles with resolution notes, minimizing manual effort and saving time 3. Translate in real-time - Translate conversations in real-time, fostering seamless communication between users of different languages

What is no-code workflow automation?

No-code workflow automation offers pre-built functionality in the form of drag-and-drop tools and a visual user interface to automate and streamline tasks and processes without having to write a single line of code.