Adam Dallaire from BDO Canada
Adam Dallaire from BDO Canada

We were looking to boost employee productivity with increased auto-resolution and allow us to drive our AI IT chatbot journey. We are very pleased with the roll-out of AiseraGPT and are looking forward to expanding our footprint and capabilities with Aisera.

Adam Dallaire

Senior Manager


Employee Experience


AI Workflow Automation

Use Case

Self-Service in Microsoft Teams& Webchat

Knowledge Article & Workflow Generation

Automated Software Provisioning & Hardware Procurement

BDO Canada Bot , EVA made by AiseraGPT


Proven Results


Projected Cost Savings


Auto-Resolution Rate


Improved Productivity

BDO Canada Bot demo powered by AiseraGPT for improving productivity

BDO Canada Supercharges Support with Proactive & Personalized Self-Service using AiseraGPT

BDO Canada is one of Canada’s largest accounting firms, with accounting, taxation, financial advisory, and corporate recovery services. Faced with high IT ticket volumes, the firm sought to increase their existing bot’s deflection rate and drive better user experiences with proactive and personalized self-service.

Using AiseraGPT, BDO Canada was able to provide their users with proactive self-service with their bot, named EVA. With Aisera’s Domain-Specific LLMs and AI Workflows, the bot automates IT support resolutions for tasks like software provisioning, hardware procurement, account troubleshooting, and more. BDO Canada also leverages the bot’s comprehensive analytics suite to improve their performance. By leveraging AiseraGPT, BDO Canada has scaled IT support and empowered their employees, achieving $1.9M in projected cost savings and a 72% increase in productivity.

BDO Canada Service Desk Sheet