AI & Automation for
Financial Services and Banking

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Dave achieved 24/7 autonomous support to elevate CX


Virtual assistants are transforming Financial Services and Banking

Here are the different use cases of supporting Financial Services and Banking with AI & Automation.
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Personalized Conversational AIAI Chatbots can be used to promote highly targeted products and services to customers at the right time through their preferred channels, which can greatly increase conversion rates. Personalization is key to build trust and drive brand loyalty among customers for positive word-of-mouth and getting referrals for net new customers as well.
Customer Self-ServiceOur intelligent virtual assistants can help onboard new customers with the authentication and account registration process. Our Conversational AI can also turn everyday activities like finding the nearest ATM or branch, making payments, checking account balances, and more into simple voice or text exchanges.
24/7 Autonomous SupportMake endless wait times and 9 to 5 business hours a thing of the past with Aisera’s Conversational AI & Automation. Give customers omnichannel self-service support anytime on any device. Automate repetitive questions, freeing up employees to focus on more complex tasks.
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Track Your FinancesAisera’s intelligent virtual assistant enables customers to keep a track of their money with balance notifications and bill reminders. Our AI chatbot helps users keep their finances under control by offering budgeting tips and other suggestions by analyzing historic transactions.
Personalized Offers & PromotionsWith contextual digital experiences, banks can drive personalized promotions and engagement in real-time. By providing a connected banking experience to customers, with offers and updates at the right place and time, you can reduce the noise for customers. AI can prove to be an efficient tool to aid with upselling and cross-selling as well.
Automate Customer feedbackOur AI Chatbot enables banks to automate the collection of customer feedback and makes it easier for the customer success team to review the data. Our Conversational AI can help streamline internal comms, and by helping management uncover new ideas and strategies to increase agent productivity.