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A Simplified Support ExperienceAisera’s virtual assistant provides one-click access to benefits info, claims, finding providers, checking costs, and viewing outstanding bills at any time. Customers also enjoy our omnichannel capabilities, making it easy to accomplish tasks across popular channels like: webchat, phone, and virtually on any device of their choice.
24/7 AssistanceWhether an accident happens on or off business hours, your customers can be sure that they can get the help they need anytime. Aisera leverages your knowledge articles and past tickets to provide the exact answers your customers are looking for. Provide round-the-clock support for your customers with Aisera’s AI & automation.
Personalized Policy RecommendationsAisera helps your users choose the right policy that fits their current and future needs. Our chatbot uses a customer’s current and past intents from previous conversations and purchases to create a customized recommendation for your customer. Sentiment analysis also allows our bots to have natural and empathetic conversations with your customers, helping them feel at ease with their insurance decisions.
Automate Claims with Dynamic Forms & Workflow AutomationFiling a claim can be a stressful process where errors can increase resolution times. Aisera’s Dynamic Forms help reduce the stress and speed up the claim filing process by automatically filling in customer information. Aisera’s bot can also walk users through the process of filing a claim with workflow automation & Conversational AI.
Streamlined OnboardingProvide a streamlined onboarding experience with Aisera’s Conversational AI. You can walk your customers through the process of signing up for a new policy within the bot, instead of the traditional method of filing a form and processing it manually. This allows you to make a more interactive experience for your customers while digitizing the onboarding process for greater efficiency.
Live AI Agent AssistYour agents are often overwhelmed by the number of requests they have to answer on a daily basis, which can negatively impact your customer service quality. Ticket AI improves the agent experience with recommended articles, as well as automated resolution of support requests. Reduce ticket volumes & MTTR with Ticket AI’s auto-classification, historical ticket & case analysis capabilities.