AI Service Desk

Empowering proactive, predictive, and prescriptive auto-resolution of tasks, incidents, and actions

Automated Help Desk Software

Deliver an exceptional employee experience with AI Service Desk. Purpose-built for employees, Aisera’s AI Service Desk plugs right into the service desk ticketing system and help desk products you already use. It learns from every touchpoint, while automating repetitive inquiries and workflows with Conversational Automation. Aisera also provides the capability to transfer conversations seamlessly to a human agent when required. AI Service Desk includes Conversational AI & Automation and Ticket AI to:

  • Auto-resolve incoming requests instantly
  • Reduce repetitive work and improve employee productivity
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Featured Capabilities For Help Desk Support

Aisera’s cloud-native solution combines purpose-built AI, advanced NLP, and NLU to deliver a world-class employee experience. Our AI Service Desk Solution comes with pre-built intents and workflows to completely automate the resolution of help desk support issues.

Knowledge Extraction and Resolution

Aisera’s deep integration with knowledge base systems, collaboration apps, files, and web crawlers ensures that any unstructured content is automatically converted for autonomous knowledge resolution with Conversational AI.

AI Service Desk, Help Desk, IT Service Desk, HR Automation

Advanced Conversational AI

Aisera’s advanced Conversational AI capabilities include intent matching, intent disambiguation, context switching, and awareness and exception handling to provide human-like, Natural Language-driven multilingual conversational interactions.

Conversational AI, Knowledge Management, AI Chatbot

Process Orchestration & Automation

Aisera’s 1200+ built-in integrations to various applications and help desk products ensure that customers can quickly build and deploy automation flows with its no-code visual studio.

AI for ITSM, Workflow Automation, Workflow Orchestration

Conversational Service Catalog

Serve Answers From Multiple Service Catalog Sources
Automatically import service catalogs from existing service desk ticketing software such as ServiceNow and BMC and convert to native Conversational-driven catalog experiences, including Aisera’s Service Catalog and 3rd party catalogs.

IT Service management, IT Service Desk, AI Service Desk, ITSM

Seamless Escalation to Automated Ticketing Systems

Auto-detect sentiment and escalating conversations to seamlessly connect to a live agent or handoff to agents for further processing by integrating to leading IT service desk ticketing systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, and BMC.

AI Service Desk, AI Help Desk, IT Service Desk, IT Support

Automated AI Learning

AI that automatically and continuously learns from previous tickets, knowledge sources, and conversation logs improves the virtual assistant’s understanding and accuracy in the auto-resolution of support requests.

AI Service Desk, AITSM

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