Generative AI
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Learn how you can innovate and deliver an AI-driven
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How Dartmouth Provides Next-Gen Service Desk Experience

Virtual assistants are transforming Education IT support

Here are the different use cases of supporting IT requests with Generative AI & Automation.
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24/7 Autonomous Support for Faculty and Students to resolve IT issuesFaculty & students can have immediate answers to their information & technology questions online with AI chatbots. Automate repetitive questions, freeing up the support desk to focus on more complex tasks.
Proactive User Notification and Engagement Across ChannelsWith Aisera’s AI Service Desk, you can boost user engagement in MS Teams, Slack or Webchat for faculty and student users while offering improved visibility into gaps and governance of its knowledge base.
Self-Service Ticket Deflection and Seamless EscalationWith Conversational AI & Automation you can offer campus-wide self-service for rapid resolutions for common issues and a high degree of tickets being automatically resolved leads to higher agent productivity.
Identification of Knowledge Gaps for Continuous ImprovementAisera’s continuous AI learning technology learns from past resolved tickets provided by trusted agents to automatically close knowledge gaps and improve prediction accuracy for future requests.