Generative AI for
Retail & eCommerce

Aisera's Gen AI & Automation can elevate your retail
and eCommerce CX while increasing conversions.

Virtual assistants deliver the future of Retail & eCommerce

Here are the different use cases of supporting retail & e-commerce with Generative AI & Automation.
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Effortless Customer ExperiencesWith Aisera’s intelligent virtual assistant, all your customers have to do is ask. Track orders, change shipping addresses, place new orders, find the nearest store, and more simply by chatting with the bot - it’s that easy.
Self-Service Anytime on Any DeviceToday’s customers don’t want to spend hours (or even days) waiting for answers to their questions. Aisera's Conversational AI & Automation empowers your customers with 24/7 self-service on any device of their choice.
Intelligent Order ManagementConversational AI & Automation makes it easy for your customers to manage their orders. Instead of navigating through various pages, they can submit return requests, change profile information, & more all within the bot.
Personalized Offers & RecommendationsRedefine the traditional marketing experience with highly personalized offers and product recommendations within the bot. Retailers use Aisera’s intelligent virtual assistant to engage effectively with customers and increase conversions.
Increased Customer Retention and LoyaltyAisera provides deep customer insights like sentiment analysis and churn prediction that enable you to build a strong relationship with your customers. By understanding customer needs while also providing fast, effective, and personalized customer experiences, you build the trust needed to drive strong brand loyalty.
Seamlessly Handoff to Live AgentsNot every customer conversation is easy, and sometimes, your customers need even more personalized attention. Aisera’s intelligent VA seamlessly escalates requests to the correct agent when necessary. Aisera’s AI Assist also provides agents with recommended articles and resolutions, making the support experience smoother than ever.