The OneTouch® Assistant has been a game-changer for our customer support team. With Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution, we can now quickly resolve customer inquiries in seconds through self-service. It’s amazing how Aisera’s generative AI assistant can automate our customers’ requests while delivering personalized and humanized conversational experience at scale.

Ehab Goldstein

VP OneTouch® Global Customer Care & Strategic Insights


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Lifescan Deploys ChatGPT and Generative AI to Deliver Top-Tier Customer Experiences with Aisera

While supporting a continuously growing customer base of over 4.7 million users, Lifescan experienced increased ticket volumes that their support team needed help managing. With a constant influx of tickets and a need for 24/7 assistance, customers experienced long wait times of days to resolve a request. Simultaneously, the support experience was reactive, tedious, and manual, leading to agent fatigue.

By utilizing Aisera’s AI Customer Service, Lifescan has been able to automatically resolve 65% of its incoming support requests and save $2.2M in support costs. Prompt assistance provided by the generative AI technology has improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 70%, and redundant support inquiries have been eliminated while agent fatigue has been alleviated. Aisera’s ChatGPT-like and Generative AI technology empowers Lifescan to cater to the needs of its expanding customer base and offer a new level of personalized customer support.