We’ve been able to launch Aisera globally and it has resulted in significant gains. Since we’ve installed Aisera, we have seen a flattening reduction in support cases while we continue to have explosive growth.

Tavis Raskin

Senior Director, Global Technical Solutions


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Scale Self-Service and Cut Costs with
Generative AI & Automation

With a growing volume of support requests across channels, Reputation was struggling to scale its support services. While customers experienced long wait times to resolve issues, agents simultaneously faced growing ticket volumes, decreasing customer satisfaction, and reduced productivity. With continuous high growth and rising support costs, Reputation saw a need to improve its overall customer experience for its 116,000 users, all while reducing operating costs.

Reputation achieved a 60 percent auto-resolution rate and saved over 10.6k agent hours by utilizing Aisera’s Generative AI technology. This improved access to self-service options, providing effective support for customers that is available anytime, anywhere. Reputation can now support the needs of its expanding customer base while reducing operating costs and continuing to deliver high-quality customer experiences thanks to Aisera’s ChatGPT-like conversational solution.