AiseraGPT for the Enterprise

Turnkey GPT solution featuring action bots powered
by domain-specific LLMs

Deliver Magical Experiences Using AiseraGPT

Elevate the user experience with a UniversalGPT that automates tasks, action workflows & knowledge across all your domains. AiseraGPT is built with domain-specific LLMs that are grounded to your data, ensuring accurate and relevant resolutions every time. It understands requests in natural language and triggers AI workflows to automate tasks, boosting user productivity and supercharging your enterprise’s success.

AI Experience with AIseraGPT

Article Summarization & Answer Generation

Generate contextual responses and summaries in real-time by extracting and analyzing information across all of your data sources and business apps, and tailoring them based on user preferences, past interactions, and profiles, while also providing links for additional details.

Summarization & Answer Generation


Provide a unified interface for user requests with Aisera’s Universal Bot. Unlike conventional single-purpose, rule-based bots, Aisera’s Generative AI bot offers responses across multiple domains, channels, and languages. The Universal Bot also intelligently routes requests to the relevant bot to provide the optimal resolution.


Domain-Specific LLMs Grounded in Your Data

Increase accuracy with by using domain-specific LLMs grounded in your data. It is tailored to your environment by ingesting support tickets, knowledge articles, service catalogs, and conversation logs. With the domain-specific LLMs, automatically identify and extract entities along with their synonyms, organizing them into logical hierarchies while retaining relationships and semantic meanings.

Domain-Specific LLMs Grounded

Deliver AI Success with the TRAPS Framework

AiseraGPT is built upon the TRAPS Framework, which aims to accelerate the time-to-value of Generative AI while addressing and minimizing potential risks. With this framework, Aisera delivers a Gen AI solution that is trusted, responsible, auditable, private, and secure.

TRAPS framework is applied on AiseraGPT products