Zoom (Customer Service)

60% improvement in agent productivity and increased CSAT in just 6 months

“Zoom saw unprecedented growth, which created a need for AI and automation for its customer service to offer a great user experience with accurate and timely service request resolutions. Zoom chose to partner with Aisera to deliver automated case resolutions for billing, subscription management, and technical support-related customer requests. Aisera’s AI Customer Service solution has been instrumental for Zoom’s customer service organization to deliver an exceptional user experience and improve overall customer satisfaction.”

Nick Chong | Head of Global Services & Support

Proven Results

Employee Productivity

Automation Accuracy

Digitally Transforming Customer Experience While Scaling Business Operations

With over 200,000 monthly cases and rapid customer growth, Zoom was looking to improve customer experience through self-service and automation. With Aisera, Zoom automated billing and subscriptions (helping accelerate revenue growth), customer service, and technical support with greater than 75% accuracy. Zoom also increased its CSAT in just six months. As more customers served themselves, the number of service and support requests that reached customer service decreased. This allowed agents to handle more complex issues, increasing productivity by over 60%. By empowering customers with self-service, auto-resolving requests, and assisting agents in providing faster resolutions, Zoom greatly enhanced its customer experiences while positioning itself for continued growth.