AI in business podcast

Bankable LLM Use Cases for Financial Services

Learn about the most promising use cases among LLMs in the financial services sector across banks, investment, insurance firms, and beyond.


The Entrepreneurial Journey of Muddu Sudhakar

Muddu shares his entrepreneurial journey of selling his companies for over $800M and coming to the US from a small town in India & much more.

Voicebot Podcast

Should We Pause AI Research? (Podcast)

This follows the impact of Elon Musk's letter to pause all "Giant AI Experiments" common misunderstandings, and how Gen AI is evolving.

Sit Down Startup

Aisera’s Muddu Sudhakar on Fundraising the Right Way

Since launching in late 2017, AI Experience startup Aisera successfully raised over $164M from VCs and is in hyper-growth mode.

VUX World

Automate the Mundane, Elevate the Humane

We discuss the Aisera philosophy for AI-mediated service provision & how it enables enterprises to get the best out of their human resources.

Grit Daily Startup

Elevate Your Employee & Customer Experience

Aisera is a Generative AI company offering best-in-class solutions for enterprises looking to elevate their employee & customer experience.

The Digital Executive

Leveraging AI & Automation to Improve Lives

Aisera is on a mission to automate mundane tasks with AI. The platform is being used by tens of millions of customers around the world today.

FUTR Podcast

Conversational AI Saves the Day

Aisera delivers an out-of-the-box, Conversational AI, Service Management product which focuses on bringing automation to the enterprise.

Voice Tech

Transforming the Service Desk in the Enterprise

Muddu predicts that service desk tools will be used less over the coming years, to be replaced by self-service AI Conversational platforms.

The Darius Gant Show

Artificial Intelligence in IT Service Management

We discuss building AI infrastructure that scales, hiring, ROI metrics in ITSM, and go-to-market strategy.