Generative AI for
Telecom & Utilities

Gen AI & Automation can elevate CX
at scale for Telecom & Utilities.

8x8 achieved 24/7 autonomous support to elevate CX

Virtual Assistants transform Telecom & Utilities

Here are the different use cases of supporting Telecom & Utilities with Generative AI & Automation.
Automated Self-Service, 24/7With Aisera’s intelligent virtual assistant, you can auto-resolve simple and complex requests with ease. Reduce long wait times and increase customer satisfaction, all while freeing up your agents to accomplish more complex tasks.
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AI-Powered Contact CenterWith Aisera’s AI Voice Bot, you can resolve incoming calls and eliminate the need for customers to navigate through tedious and confusing menus. Deliver an intuitive and engaging call center experience to users while offloading high call volumes from your agents.
Highly Personalized ExperiencesIn today’s competitive digital landscape, personalization is a must. With AI & Automation, you can tailor content, product recommendations, & promotions to fit your user’s needs.
Customer InsightsAisera’s bot comes with deep customer insights like sentiment analysis and churn prediction that help you understand your users to provide better service.