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Proactively predict and detect major incidents, automate root cause analysis, and prevent service outages

AIOps Solution Overview

Address service disruptions before they happen and provide real-time response to business applications with our SaaS based AIOps Platform. Aisera’s purpose-built AIOps solution is domain-agnostic and provides a layer of intelligence between your full stack monitoring and ITSM tools. Now you can proactively resolve major incidents, automate root cause analysis, and prevent outages.

By applying automation to IT Operations, DevOps and Cloud Operations management, Aisera’s AIOps tool dramatically accelerates diagnosis and resolution times, while minimizing disruption for end-users.

  • Proactive incident management to predict service outages
  • 1200+ pre-built remediation actions for IT and DevOps
  • Real-time dynamic CMDB and automated discovery
  • Predict and remediate major incidents and outages autonomously

Our AIOps Platform's Featured Capabilities

Aisera’s domain-agnostic AIOps software identifies complex behaviors and patterns while analyzing correlations and causality on alerts and incidents across applications, services, and systems. These advanced capabilities enable accurate prediction of outages and major incidents (MIs) while automating the task to find the root-cause and executing runbooks for auto-remediation.

Major Incident Detection and Prediction

Using advanced noise suppression techniques and Spatio-temporal correlation techniques, Aisera uncovers the early formation of unique situations (anomaly detection) likely to lead to performance degradation and outage of business-critical services.

IT Service Management

Automated AI Discovery

Artificial Intelligence driven discovery finds applications, devices, and cloud resources on your network to provide continuous visibility into the data center and cloud assets using ITSM and monitoring data.

AI automation, AIOps, Self-service AI

Dynamic CMDB

Aisera’s AIOps leverages change requests, incident tickets, and alerts data to discover enterprise configuration items (both on-prem and cloud) and reconstruct an accurate service topology by exploiting their metadata to keep them current.


Automated Root-Cause Analysis

Precisely analyze data to pinpoint the configuration item(s) which caused each major incident based on the discovered symptoms and similar past major incidents.

AI operations, AI Service Management

Automated Causal Graph

Perform analysis of correlations and causality on alerts and incidents across applications, services, and systems to highlight immediate impact into the cause and impact on the business uptime.

AI Automation, AIOps

CI and MI Connectivity Graph

Connectivity graph offers actionable insights on how incidents, alerts are impacting users, up/down stream systems, business applications.


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