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Risks and Strategies to Use Generative AI in Software Development

Generative AI can work in the public sector, but it’s critical to address risks and limitations of the emerging technology

Aisera is a Leader in AIOps in the Forrester Wave™ report for Q2 2023

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Podcast: Muddu Sudhakar, CEO of Aisera, discusses transformative AI roles in customer support and finance.

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Dr. Muddu Sudhakar, CEO of the AI firm Aisera, joins Jim on “The Final 5” to explain where he thinks regulation could prove useful.

Should the Government Regulate AI? Dr. Muddu Sudhakar, CEO of the AI firm Aisera Explains

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What Enterprises Need To Know To Adopt ChatGPT Securely

Aisera & Microsoft to Provide AI Enterprise Service Experiences

Aisera Incorporates Latest Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Capabilities into its Platform

Aisera Collaborates with Microsoft to Provide AI Enterprise Service Experiences with ChatGPT and Generative AI

Aisera embraces Microsoft AI copilot for advanced enterprise service experience

Aisera Collaborates with Microsoft to Provide AI Enterprise Service Experiences

Aisera Collaborates with Microsoft to Provide AI Enterprise Service Experiences with ChatGPT and Generative AI

Aisera taps generative AI to process customer and employee service requests

Microsoft, Aisera Collaborate To Provide Enterprises With ChatGPT, Generative AI

Through the Looking Glass: Democratizing AI With Emerging Technologies

Aisera is the ‘ChatGPT’ for the enterprise, bringing generative AI to businesses that need it

Refining ITOps with Generative AI – Muddu Sudhakar, Aisera

Aisera Among Top 15 Vendors in the AI-based Customer Support Market

How Generative AI And ChatGPT Are Shaping The Contact Center

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Pairing AI with Tech Pros: A Roadmap to Successful Implementation

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Four Ways to Transform the Hiring Processes with AI

Dell announces layoffs as demand for hardware declines

Microsoft Looks to Evolve Search With the Help of ChatGPT

Best AI Stocks to Buy: Smart Artificial Intelligence Investments

Status of Ethical Standards in Emerging Tech

‘It is an employer’s market’: Tech layoffs may have turned the Great Resignation into the Great Recommitment

Santa Clara County Wants to Help Laid Off Tech Workers With Health Care

OpenAI of the ChatGPT craze is now tech’s hottest startup

Rising Salaries Impact Organizations in Need of IT

AI Companies to Watch for in 2023

Not every tech company is shaving jobs: These startups are on hiring binges

Aisera Integrates Its Service Experience Solution with Zendesk’s Sunshine Platform

From Apprehension To Enthusiasm: Expectations For AI In 2023

Aisera Announces Integration of its AI-powered Service Experience Solution with Zendesk’s Sunshine Platform

Aisera Integrates with Zendesk’s Sunshine Platform

The retail AI industry takes stock as the holiday season wraps up

Local tech layoffs nearing levels of 2008 recession

Is an AI Bill of Rights enough?

Aisera founder offers perspective on latest moves from AWS in AI/ML

Aisera’s integration with Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations delivers exceptional user experiences

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Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Highlights a Risk Many Tech Executives Face

CIOs and Cutting IT Bloat: Forming a Plan

Aisera: AI Service Experience Platform with Pre-Built Ontologies and Library of Intents

Muddu Sudhakar CEO of Aisera on Conversational AI Automation

How CFOs Will Tackle Challenges Heading into 2023

What Is Cognitive Computing?

How AI service startup Aisera is helping companies embrace machine learning to automate tasks

Dreamforce 2022: The 14 Coolest Exhibitors, Including Aisera

Aisera Among Emerging Startups 2022: Top HRTech Startups

Aisera CEO Muddu Sudhakar among United States’ 101 Top CEOs in the Cloud Data Services Space

Aisera CTO Antonio Nucci among United States’ 101 Top CTOs in the Art Startup Space

Automation Gains a Foothold, But How to Scale It Is the Challenge

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Aisera CEO Muddu Sudhakar on fundraising the right way

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A.I. Customer Support Startup Aisera Raises $90 Million in Series D Funding Round

Goldman Sachs and Thoma Bravo lead Aisera’s $90 Million Series D Funding

‘Service experience’ startup Aisera raises $90M to help enterprises go AI-native

Goldman Sachs and Thoma Bravo lead Aisera’s $90 Million Series D Funding to Strengthen Employee and Customer Experiences with AI Service Experience Platform

One of Sand Hill Road’s top bankers says startups are spending more cash than ever—for now

Aisera lands $90M to automate customer service requests with AI

AI customer service startup Aisera raise $90 million from investors like Goldman Sachs & Thoma Bravo

Aisera aims to boost employee and customer experience (CX) with AI

Aisera lands $90M to automate customer service requests with AI

Aisera Raises $90M in Series D Funding

Automate the mundane, elevate the humane, with Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera

Aisera recognized as Intelligent Agent by Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award 2022

24 Most Innovative Cloud Data Services Startups & Companies (Palo Alto, California)

Meet California’s 101 Top CEO’s in the Machine Learning Space

Meet United States’s 101 Top CTO’s in the Artificial Intelligence Space

AI Business Tools To Get Ahead of The Game in 2022

Aisera’s Conversational AI Chatbot listed as the #1 AI Chatbot tool that businesses need to get ahead of the game in 2022.

AI In HR: Better Privacy, Less Friction And Improved Employee Experience

With decisions to make on how to build a hybrid workforce and improve the virtual recruitment experience for global candidates while focusing on diversity and inclusion, as well, HR leaders have to explore newer avenues and technologies to get ahead — and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront.

The Current State and Future of AI for Customer Service

In this special guest feature, Muddu Sudhakar, Co-founder and CEO of Aisera, describes how AI provides firms with a way to manage customer service at scale, by providing better on-demand answers and actions.

Aisera among KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2022

As in the past, the list features mature and trusted vendors whose products and services have been developed to address customers’ changing needs over many years, as well as newer startups with creative approaches. But whether they have stood the long test of time or are more recent entrants to the field, they all seek

AI is Forever Changing How IT Orgs Work Today

Muddu is the CEO of Aisera and brings a wide range of experience to the table with being apart of some of the most revolutionary companies. We talk about how the cloud is forever changing how IT orgs work and how his technology augments business functions with AI.

AI Virtual Assistants in HR: Opening the Door for Employee Engagement

As the work environment continuously changes, employers face several concerns related to performance and satisfaction. Muddu Sudhakar, co-founder and CEO, Aisera, discusses how AI-driven virtual assistants enable employee engagement and help HR teams bring long-term changes.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Banking

The banking industry isn’t known for the early adoption of new technology or for embracing new tech in general. But, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation, Banking has adopted a leadership role in technological innovation.

How Conversational AI Is Changing The HR Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are engineered to make life easier, and the aim is no different when it comes to human resources (HR). This technology is created to optimize workflows and the trend of HR professionals embracing conversational AI tech will continue in 2022.

How Conversational AI empowers Your employees and Customers

Conversational AI remains in the “first inning” in terms of innovation and adoption. It will quickly become a necessity for brands that want to thrive in the digital age.

Automating Customer Service with the World’s First AI-Driven Management Solution

Hear this episode from Muddu Sudhakar on how Aisera is transforming business interactions with predictive AI Service Management (AISM) solution that is purpose-built to automate tasks and actions for IT, HR, Facilities, and Customer Service.

The Secret to Better Healthcare Service? Conversational AI

Healthcare Tech Outlook covers how Conversational AI frees healthcare provider service desks from an avalanche of more than 100,000 monthly support requests. Read the full article for more!

Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Startups to Look for in 2021

Aisera is named as one of Analytics Insight’s top 100 AI startups of 2021! It is an honor to be included with so many great companies and a true testament to our AI’s power and the growth of a fascinating new frontier of possibilities.

Enterprise AI and Automating Processes for a Better Omnichannel Experience

Aisera Co-Founder & CEO Muddu Sudhakar joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss enterprise AI and automating processes for a better omnichannel experience.

How To Sell AI

Selling AI technology remains difficult. Customers often want customized solutions that are based on their unique data sets. Many AI vendors extol their “platforms” that can seemingly solve any problems. But this approach is usually off the mark. “Customers will buy a platform when multiple solutions are acquired and there are the right integrations,” said

Aisera Partners with Microsoft to Deliver Next-gen AI Service Desk Solutions

Recently, the company announced they would be partnering with Microsoft to deliver next-gen AI Service Desk solutions to automate requests, tickets, and operations for IT, HR, DevOps, and Customer Service departments.

SalesTechStar Interview with Muddu Sudhakar, Founder and CEO at Aisera

Muddu Sudhakar, Founder and CEO at Aisera dives into the growing importance and impact of AI on business revenue operations and end goals in this quick chat.

Aisera Collaborates with Microsoft to Elevate Employee & Customer Service Through Conversational AI & RPA

Aisera, one of the world’s first AI-driven platforms that automates tasks, actions and workflows for employees and customers, announced they would be partnering with Microsoft to deliver next-gen AI Service Desk solutions to automate requests, tickets, and operations for IT, HR, DevOps, and Customer Service departments.

Aisera, Microsoft Partner on AI Service Desk Solutions

AI service experience platform Aisera has announced a partnership with technology giant Microsoft for the delivery of AI service desk solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

Aisera and Microsoft Collaborate to Improve Employee and Customer Service

Aisera’s artificial intelligence service management (AISM) system is scalable, easy to install, and designed to integrate seamlessly with existing service desks to provide users and workers with innovative end-to-end experiences.

Aisera Collaborates With Microsoft To Elevate Employee & Customer Service Through Conversational AI & (RPA)

Aisera, one of the world’s first AI-driven platforms that automates tasks, actions and workflows for employees and customers, announced they would be partnering with Microsoft to deliver next-gen AI Service Desk solutions to automate requests, tickets, and operations for IT, HR, DevOps, and Customer Service departments.

Why Solution Providers Should Invest In Conversational AI

McAfee’s Aneel Jaeel and Aisera’s Muddu Sudhakar talk about the need for digital transformation investments in artificial intelligence and automation to deliver on both customer and employee success.

How Conversational AI can Offer a Competitive Edge in Customer Service and Experience

Addressing the problem of increasing customer wait times, US banking platform Dave’s solution was to employ an AI conversational interface that delivers customer self-service.

Cool Companies in Cognitive Computing 2021

The business uses for cognitive computing and related technologies, including AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic processing automation, are becoming more widespread than ever.

Conversational AI Saves The Day with Aisera CEO Muddu Sudhakar

We have all had the dream that we could live in a world of automation, like George Jetson, just pushing a button. That dream has been slow to arrive, but now we are seeing the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Assistants.

Understanding The Potential Of Unsupervised AI

It may have taken a pandemic, changing the very fabric of the workplace, but at last, we’re realizing the promise of unsupervised AI. For the first time, companies are leapfrogging to success by adopting “pure-play” unsupervised AI across the enterprise and leaving behind yesterday’s point solutions.

AI Customer Service Solution Helps ZOOM Cope With Growth Challenges

Zoom has experienced unprecedented growth challenges that hampered customer experience and on-time service delivery.

Aisera Enhances CX and Customer Service

Aisera is a global customer service provider that automates tasks, actions, and workflows for all organizations, recently announced today that they have enhanced its Customer Service & Customer Experience (CX) solutions with the help of AI and Automation.

Emerging Startups 2021: Top IT Operations Startups

The IT Operations has over 2.7K+ startups that comprise of companies which refers to facilitate delivery of IT services and to manage IT infrastructure. This includes companies offering services like monitoring, automation, incident handling and disaster recovery.

Harnessing AI Capabilities to Deliver a Consumer-like Self-Service Experience

“The intelligence of Conversational AI and Conversational RPA brings people together without physical contact,” says Muddu Sudhakar, Co-Founder and CEO, Aisera, in an exclusive interview with EnterpriseTalk.

Dartmouth College Offers Its Students a Self-Service, AI-Based ChatBot

Dartmouth College deployed an AI virtual assistant over Slack to improve communications among 10,000 students and faculty members during the COVID pandemic.

How UiPath Turned Into A $37B Powerhouse

Despite a choppy IPO market for growth tech companies, UiPath was able to pull off a successful offering.

AI Startup Aisera Raises $40M to Improve Its Virtual Assistance Services

Aisera, a Palo Alto California AI startup company that provides virtual assistants and customer service solutions to businesses, has raised $40 million in series C funding from investors. 

21 Bay Area Companies to Watch in 2021

Big funding rounds. Groundbreaking tech. Hiring sprees. Here’s what to know about your local tech scene this year.

Workflow Automation Platform Aisera Raises $40M

Aisera, a company developing a platform that automates operations and support tasks across IT, sales, and customer service, today announced it has raised $40 million in a series C round led by Icon Ventures.

Dartmouth Employs AI Virtual Assistant to Support Students and Faculty

Dartmouth College has deployed an artificial intelligence solution from Aisera to enhance communication with students and faculty during COVID-19.

Dartmouth Turns to Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Communication

Dartmouth College is partnering with a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence firm as part of what it says will be a major step to enhance communication with students and faculty during the pandemic.

Dartmouth College Deploys AI to Offer Students and Faculties with Real-time Personalization

In a recent announcement, Dartmouth College launched Dart InfoBot, an Aisera AI virtual assistant to better support students and faculty during COVID-19.

AI-Powered Chatbots Automate IT Help at Dartmouth

To prevent a backlog of IT requests and consultations during the coronavirus pandemic, Dartmouth College has started relying on AI-powered chatbots to act as an online service desk for students and faculty alike, the school said Wednesday.

A Digital Transformation Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Digital transformation is one of the most important drivers of how businesses deliver value to their customers in a competitive, fast-changing business environment.

How Conversational AI Leads to Career Advancement Opportunities

The way we communicate, share data and use technology to act on those insights is changing – and it’s all leading to the cloud.

Unsupervised AI and IoT Decision Automation | Aisera’s Muddu Sudhakar

In episode 03 of the Let’s Connect! Podcast, Muddu Sudhakar of Aisera joins the podcast to talk about Unsupervised AI and how to leverage algorithmic intelligence to create IoT decision trees.

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2021

Harnessing Workflow Automation for IT Services

Even before the coronavirus pandemic made our lives more complex and spurred the growing remote workplace trend, automation was already transforming IT service delivery and support.

AIOps: How To Get Started

AIOps is about leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to automate various parts of an organization’s IT operations. 

Ask the Expert: Resolve Employee Requests in Seconds with Aisera and MS Teams

The future of work will be defined and shaped by three key trends: automation, artificial intelligence, and collaboration. To meet the needs of a growing number of enterprise customers, Aisera is teaming up with Microsoft to offer employees a next-generation service desk.

Aisera’s Muddu Sudhakar Looks Beyond Compute and Storage for New Opportunity

After serving in senior-level executive positions over the past two decades for influential enterprise technology companies such as VMware Inc., Splunk Inc., EMC and ServiceNow Inc., Muddu Sudhakar has developed a sense of where the tech industry is headed.

Aisera and Cisco Webex – The Secret to Quick Answers to Speed up Business

Aisera is integrated and uses the same Webex collaboration platform your team accesses every day via mobile, tablet, PC, laptop, and phone.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Aisera combined with Webex, creates a solution that enables employees to use Webex to interact and self-serve with existing automated workflows within their organizations.

Chatbots: The Great Evolution To Conversational AI

Chatbots have taken a quantum leap forward in user support, contributing substantially to the emergence of the modern service desk.

Best Artificial Intelligence Startups of 2020

The global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow by 46.2% from 2019 to 2025. That type of growth can’t be matched by almost any other industry in the world.

The Battle Between Unsupervised and Supervised AI

Nothing can stop the momentum of evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). We are currently witnessing a digital transformation that enables the addition of AI capabilities to businesses’ existing IT Service Management and Customer Service Management tools.

Muddu Sudhakar of Aisera: “Invest in people”

There are many things that attribute both positive and negative disruption, but when it comes to technology, I strongly believe all disruption is good.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation): Predictions For Next Year

This week UiPath filed for its IPO (on a confidential basis) and it will likely hit the markets in February. Like other enterprise software companies—such as Snowflake, and Palantir—the offering should do extremely well.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What’s In Store For 2021?

This was a banner week for AI (Artificial Intelligence). The reason? Well, came public and soared on its debut. It’s certainly a validation of the importance of enterprise AI. Keep in mind that provides comprehensive software solutions and services for a myriad of large companies, including 3M, Royal Dutch Shell, Raytheon, Baker Hughes and conEdison.

Aisera & MS Teams Streamline Service Desk Support

Today’s urgent need to optimize and transform service desk support across internal departments such as IT, HR, and Sales has led to a dynamic new partnership between Microsoft Teams and Aisera’s AI Service Desk.

AI Projects: Building Vs. Buying

Major digital transformation projects like implementing conversational platforms can be the making of an organization, but meticulous, informed planning is critical.

Opportunities & Challenges in Building Startups in AI & ML

Enterprises of all kinds are going through tremendous disruption in their business models due to unique disruptive technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud.

Top 30 Startups Developing Conversational AI

Aisera was recently listed by AI Startups as a top startup developing Conversational AI. Visit the page to learn more.

Aisera Interview: Talking The Future of AI

Watch this Computer America interview featuring Aisera CEO Muddu Sudhakar discussing the future of AI.

HR’s Best Friend: The AI Service Desk with Virtual Assistant

Artificial Intelligence automates repetitive tasks, raises productivity and reduces operating costs—all at lightning speed.

AI in ITSM: Interview with Muddu Sudhakar

IT Service Management is an industry growing by leaps and bounds as small and large organizations become increasingly digital.

Boost Digital Transformation with Remote Work

As working remotely became a near-global mandate, companies have been thrust headfirst into a digital transformation. AI is helping to smooth the journey.

UiPath’s $225M Round: What Does This Mean For RPA?

This week UiPath announced a Series E round for $225 million at a $10.2 billion valuation. The lead on the deal was Alkeon and the other investors included Accel, Coatue, Dragoneer, IVP, Madrona Venture Group, Sequoia Capital, Tencent, Tiger Global, Wellington, and T. Rowe Price Associates.

Aisera Recognized as a Top AI Company in Forbes AI50

Aisera, the world’s first AI Service Desk platform that automates tasks, actions and workflows for employees, IT, Cloud, HR and customers, came out of stealth earlier this year with total funding of $50 million — and was just recognized in the annual Forbes AI 50.

AI 50: America’s Most Promising AI Companies

Artificial intelligence is beginning to be usefully deployed in almost every industry from customer call centers and finance to drug research.

Learn the Business Value of AI’s Various Techniques

To drive business value from AI, business managers need to distinguish between the various AI techniques, starting with the many flavors of machine learning.

Customer Service AI Improves Work for Employees

Customer service is an area that always needs attention and often needs improvement. No matter how strong your systems and your personnel, smart organizations are looking for a competitive edge in this field. Therefore, the work your employees perform in the customer service department is a critical focus for any successful business.

Microsoft + Softomotive: What Does This Deal Mean For RPA?

At Microsoft’s Build conference this week, CEO Satya Nadella announced the acquisition of Softomotive, which is a top RPA (Robotic Process Automation) vendor. This technology allows for the automation of repetitive and tedious processes, such as with legacy IT systems.

The FinTech Edge – Aisera – Muddu Sudhakar

Watch Aisera CEO Muddu Sudhakar discuss how Aisera’s AI Service Management solution drives exceptional customer and employee experience. Learn how AI plays a fundamental role in the way that businesses focus on their core functions and perform efficient tasks while cutting costs.

Why Enterprise Software Will Be Forever Changed

The remote work lifestyle will eat the enterprise. Companies have already made huge investments for this and will not abandon these efforts when the virus fades. Besides, in a tough economic environment, there will be more focus on cost-cutting. And the rent line item is a major one. Going forward, enterprise technology will need to

AI Workforce Tackles COVID-19: Q&A with Muddu Sudhakar

Alumnus and serial entrepreneur Muddu Sudhakar’s company, Aisera, offers a virtual AI-based workforce available 24/7. With customers such as Autodesk, Ciena, Unisys and McAfee on board, the company is now gearing up to tackle COVID-19. We recently contacted Sudhakar to find out how Aisera plans to help during the pandemic.

Customer Service Management Improved With AI

Customer service centers, whether a shipping group dealing with consumers or an IT organization working with corporate employees, has a lot of information to manage. Technology has been improving over the last decades, and the move of artificial intelligence (AI) into the real world hold promise to help.

IT Help Desks Accelerate Service For Remote Employees

We’re already aware that AI is transforming the IT help desk. The recent global pandemic, however, calls new attention to AI’s capabilities. As health concerns continue to spread, more enterprises are implementing remote work. This places IT under increased pressure to support remote workers. Here is where AI steps in to support companies through these

AIOps Provider Aisera Offers Free Aid During Coronavirus Crisis

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Aisera has been providing 24/7 AI technology-based assistance to health care providers and government agencies, offering its remote working virtual assistant and collaboration app free for 60 days as of March 20. “The idea is to provide a solution so that the employees and workers, and customers and users can reach out

The Next Generation For RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a fairly simple technology. Consider that it is only been until the past few years that the industry has moved to cloud-based approaches. As a result, there are startups that are springing up to push innovation. And one to keep an eye on is Aisera. The company is the first AI-driven service experience solution

Grow and Scale With Conversational AI, RPA

Aisera's AI Service Management (AISM) solution is designed to aid companies in growing and scaling using technologies such as Conversational AI and RPA. The cloud-native solution automates tasks, actions, and workflows to ensure that organizations are cutting costs and streamlining their core work processes. In addition to Conversational AI and RPA, the solution also encompasses [...]

Aisera Closed Series B Round of Financing

Aisera, the world’s first AI-driven platform that automates tasks, actions, and workflows for employees, raised $20M in Series B round of financing. The funding round was led by Norwest Venture Partners, with significant participation from True Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Ram Shriram, and Maynard Webb Investments. The company raised more than $50M in total

Predictions 2020: What to Expect in AI, ML, RPA Sectors

At the end of each year, eWEEK likes to post observations from IT thought leaders about what they think we should all expect in the coming year–new products, innovative services, trends to look for, and so on. As usual, we’ve published a few of these thus far, but we had some publishing-process snafus in December and early

Aisera Raises $20 Million To Transform The Enterprise Service Experience

Aisera — the world’s first AI-driven platform that automates tasks, actions, and workflows for employees and customers — announced it has raised $20 million in Series B funding. This funding round was led by Norwest Venture Partners with participation from Menlo Ventures, True Ventures, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Ram Shriram, and Maynard Webb Investments.

Aisera Secures $20M in Series B Funding

Aisera, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based AI-driven platform that automates tasks, actions and workflows for employees and customers, secured $20M in Series B funding. The round was led by Norwest Venture Partners, with participation from Menlo Ventures, True Ventures, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Ram Shriram and Maynard Webb Investments. Read the full article for more

Aisera Secures Series B Funding, Led by Norwest Venture Partners

Aisera, the world’s first AI-driven platform that automates tasks, actions, and workflows for employees and customers, announced that it has secured $20M in Series B funding. The round was led by Norwest Venture Partners, with participation from Menlo Ventures, True Ventures, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Ram Shriram, and Maynard Webb Investments. The company, which

Aisera, an AI Tool Exits Stealth With $50M

Robotic process automation — the ability to automate certain repetitive software-based tasks to free up people to focus on work that computers cannot do — has become a major growth area in the world of IT. Today, a startup called Aisera that is coming out of stealth has taken this idea and supercharged it by using artificial

ITSM+: What Is Demanded For An AI Service Desk

With the consumerization of enterprise IT, employees are expecting the same level of service excellence from IT service management (ITSM) solutions. Users expect enterprise services to be delivered instantly, in the device and channel of their preference, with a high degree of personalization and without having to talk to someone. Leading enterprises are now transforming

Aisera Launches AI Service Management Platform

Aisera, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) driven service experience solution, announced its launch in a highly anticipated debut—with a record year-to-year growth of 350% and a growing number of enterprise customers fully deployed on the platform. After two years of working with top multinational corporations, Aisera is initiating a powerful product launch that will deliver this

Aisera Launches Product for Service Management

Aisera, a provider of an AI-driven service experience solution, is launching its debut product that will deliver transformational AI to corporations looking for the best in self-service experience solutions. Aisera’s arrival gives Chief Information Officers (CIOs) the robust AI Service Management (AISM) solution they seek to achieve an exceptional service experience spanning the enterprise across

The Heady Reality of AI

AI has grown phenomenally in the last decade. One of the current big AI trends in the world is looking for places where AI can be practically applied. Although many people dream of incredible applications for AI, practicality is a key trait that must persist. Companies are looking for solutions for many of their current

Predictions 2020: The Plan Ahead in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been a Top 3 trends in IT since it took root with the introduction of AWS’s S3 data storage in late 2006. Its predecessor, the ASP (application service provider), was an important pioneering technology, but it generally was a fragile and unreliable solution. It took a lot of trial and error, time,

Manual Business Functions That Should Be Automated

The age of automation is upon us. While businesses have started embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help automate many of their business systems, some companies persist in using manual methods for processes that could be more efficiently and cost-effectively managed through automation. This can lead to a range of problems, including

Online Services Unexpectedly Shut Down? Get Back Online

In today’s digital world, consumers expect the online services they use to work smoothly and seamlessly, 24/7. Unfortunately, unexpected glitches and bugs can cause service platforms to “short-circuit,” rendering them ineffective for the duration of the shutdown. This is a stressful and challenging situation for online service providers, especially those in the banking, cloud computing,

How AI Customer Experience Enriches Customers And Employees

How AI Customer Experience Enriches Customers And Employees Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) are becoming more and more sophisticated. AI has countless applications, but a 2019 trend is its adaptation for the work environments of organizations. AI is instrumental in the daily processes of the workplace and maybe not

Al and ML Revolutionizes Customer Experience

AI and ML Revolutionizes Customer Experience The latest consumer trends have all pointed to customer experience as a key factor for success in businesses. As the world is becoming more and more digitized, consumer trends, especially customer experience, are becoming increasingly crucial. With technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a large role in improving efficiency, [...]

Explore artificial intelligence for ITSM and the tool options

Explore artificial intelligence for ITSM, IT Service Desks, and the tool options All AI-enabled ITSM tools aim to streamline and automate IT service desks, but buyers must make the right selection to get the most out of these products. According to TechTarget, several tools are on the market and they all provide different capabilities. With [...]

How to Explain Service Mesh in Plain English

How to Explain Service Mesh in Plain English With many different technologies on the rise today, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date and have a working understanding of each and every topic. Understanding different technologies allows individuals to vastly improve their knowledge base. Developing some level of understanding of these concepts is crucial to [...]

Why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Projects Fail: 4 Factors

Why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Projects Fail: 4 Factors “The typical problem with RPA is the rigidity of the process and the dependency [and] sensitivity of the applications or systems that are being automated,” says Muddu Sudhakar, CEO at Aisera. “The reason behind that is the fact that RPA is typically leveraging screen-scraping technologies, with the [...]

Adapting The MVP Model For Testing Your AI

Adapting The MVP Model For Testing Your AI The MVP Model is an important aspect in the world of tech. Companies are rapidly attempting to implement AI solutions into the everyday processes of their business operations. In this highly competitive environment, companies need to stay on top of their game and make sure that they [...]

Aisera adds business process automation capabilities in new update for Customer Service and Customer Experience solutions

Harnessing AI Capabilities to Deliver a Consumer-like Self-Service Experience