AI Customer Intelligence Platform

Engage prospects with the right message at the right time to boost pipeline and accelerate sales

Extract Customer Intelligence with Generative AI-powered Conversations

Engage your web visitors with the power of Conversational AI and automation to deliver personalized experiences and generate a high-converting leads funnel and accelerate revenue growth.

With Aisera’s AI Customer Intelligence (AI CI), Sales and Marketing teams can now offer personalized messages to prospects in real-time at every stage of their journey, all via our AI-powered virtual assistant, providing frictionless conversations around the clock, qualifying and nurturing leads to build a high-converting pipeline.

Advanced AI for Conversational Intelligence

Comes built-in with a plethora of knowledge across industries to easily enable customer conversational intelligence.

AI-Powered Lead Scoring and Enrichment

Dynamic flows to qualify and enrich leads based on the stage of the customer’s journey and follow up with bottom-of-the-funnel engagement.

Integrations and Workflow Orchestration

Build capabilities on top of existing enterprise applications such as Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, including workflow automation to empower your Sales and Marketing teams.

Easily Transition from AI to Human Touch

Not every customer conversation is easy, and some need personalized attention. Enable the smooth transition from virtual assistant to the right sales reps on the channel they already use, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Robust Customer Journey Analytics and Campaign Management

Accelerate revenue generation by focussing on the right leads driven by robust customer insights and automated campaign management.