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Unleash boundless potential with Aisera’s dynamic partnerships, fueling innovation and aligning visions to achieve your enterprise-grade ChatGPT and Generative AI goals.

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Partner Categories

Channel Partners

Our channel partners understand the unique business requirements of their key clients. These vendors have AI practices focused on solutions for their client’s specific business needs.


Managed Service Providers & Global System Integrators

MSPs often handle management services on a daily basis so customer organizations can focus on improving their services without worrying about extended system downtimes or service interruptions.

GSIs specialize in understanding the full lifecycle of a client’s needs – from advisory to implementation. These globally recognized firms have dedicated AI and Automation practices that support business and industry practices.

Alliances and Associations

Academic Institution Association

Aisera is partnering with renowned educational institutions such as Stanford and nonprofit organizations globally. This collaboration aims to establish the industry’s first benchmarking standards for domain-specific LLMs. Leveraging the expertise of these institutions, we are confident that these standardized benchmarks will ensure model quality, and use of responsible AI, minimize deployment risks, and promote transparency and innovation. Ultimately, this will foster trust and performance assurance in enterprise AI solutions.

Additionally, Aisera organizes hackathons and recruits top talent to drive further innovation.

Industry Association

We adhere to the precise standardized medical terminology of MedDRA to implement best practice frameworks for the data entry, retrieval, analysis, and display of susceptible and classified information, such as patient and medical records. This commitment ensures we consistently meet the global healthcare industry’s evolving needs, reassuring us about our adaptability and dedication to excellence.

Strategic Alliances

We collaborate closely with leading enterprises worldwide to ensure our platform is scalable, enterprise-grade, and ready to meet the demands of the largest organizations. This collaboration is essential to addressing complex operational challenges, supporting extensive data integration, and providing robust, reliable solutions that drive business growth and efficiency.

Cybersecurity Enterprise Alliances

We partner with leading cybersecurity firms worldwide to stay ahead of advancements in the cybersecurity space. This collaboration enables us to fortify our platform, implement essential guardrails, and deliver a best-in-class resilient architecture that ensures strict data privacy and protection.

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